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Shell Energy have not got a clue! Absolute clowns

15 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Shell Energy have not got a clue!

Shell Energy have not got a clue! Apart from overcharging their customer service dept is horrendous! They overcharged us…then reimbursed us…then demanded the money again!! Absolute clowns. Do not sign up to Shell Energy peoples!!! Stick with British Gas.

A shower of cluelessness

I needed to upgrade my main fuse and was told by my network supplier that my energy company (Shell) should’ve upgraded the tails when they installed my smart meter. As they hadn’t, I rang to try and arrange them to be changed. After being on hold for 15 minutes I spoke to the first operator who seemed clueless as to what I was asking and transferred me to EV tariff team who (unsurprisingly and after a further hold) also didn’t know what I needed. They passed me back to customer services who (after another 20 minutes on hold) again seemed confused and gave me a phone number for the smart meter installers. I rang them who said any appointment needed to be organised by Shell and referred to them! Nobody but Shell is allowed to touch the meter tails so I’m completely stuck because of their cluelessness. read more and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.