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Shell Energy Customer Service described as terrible, awful and abysmal

The featured extracts are from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last day or so on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring theme in negative reviews; the difficulty in communicating with the company. Some typos and punctuation amended for ease of reading. Posted 24 Jan 2020.

been since Wednesday too many broken… read more

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh told off by Shell Energy for swearing in ‘f****** joke’ Twitter row over fuel bill

The Scots writer was ordered to ‘refrain from swearing’ by Shell energy when he complained about their service as he struggled to settle an outstanding bill online.

By Stuart Macdonald: 09:47, 21 JAN 2020

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has blasted his energy company after they warned him about swearing online in a dispute over a bill.

The writer had complained on Twitter that he was struggling to settle the debt because provider Shell Energy had not sent him the correct details.

He said he had been waiting five hours for the necessary information and described the situation as a “f***ing joke”.

A staff member from the firm then got in touch with him on the social media platform to try to resolve the matter and asked him to “refrain from swearing”. read more

Shell Energy driving many customers to illness and despair?

By John Donovan

Postings and messages I have read or received in the last 48 hours lead me to the conclusion that bullying understaffed Shell Energy customer service is driving some of its locked-in customers to illness and despair.

Some staff must be uncomfortable having to treat vulnerable customers so shabbily and ruthlessly. How will they feel if someone does resort to suicide, as has been threatened?

There are so many disturbing customer postings on Trustpilot and other review sites about Shell Energy that there may be enough potential claimants to warrant a class-action lawsuit? read more

Shell Energy is a really crappy company

The featured brief extracts are from Trustpilot reviews about Shell Energy posted in recent days. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative. Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring theme in negative reviews; the difficulty in communicating with the company. 

11 Jan 2020

Utterly useless.

I moved into a property supplied by them a month ago and repeatedly have tried to get in contact to register my details with them. Their website is usless, web chat is useless and then I spent 30 minutes on hold waiting for someone who then hung up on me?

11 Jan 2020


Omg… I have had problems with shell energy for months regarding outstanding bills and have just read on my news feed that the company is in trouble as other customers are having the same experience as am I, this is crazy and so stressful. read more

Shell Energy are con artists and cowboys?

The featured brief extracts were taken from between 6 & 8 Jan 2020. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative. Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring theme in negative reviews; the difficulty in speaking to the company by phone. 


Very poor And a bad company to switch to… shell are con artists and cowboys


Shame I have to give a minimum of one star! Moved into a house that is supplied by these jokers. Spent 40 minutes waiting for chat to be told that I cannot register via chat. Spent most of the afternoon trying to get through on the phone as they are always busy.


Awful customer service read more

Energy supplier pays £1.5m after overcharging customers

By August Graham, PA City Reporter: PA Media: UK News: 16 December 2019


Energy supplier pays £1.5m after overcharging customers

It is the second time that a company has had to pay out for breaking the price cap rules. In June, Shell Energy paid £390,000 after it overcharged its customers by £100,737. More than 6,000 customers were affected by the breach, Ofgem said at the time.

Shell Energy Beware

If you have a gripe against Shell Energy and want it published here, please send it by email to Please indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous. Review postings will be intermingled with positive and negative news reports about Shell Energy. Click on the above Shell Energy Beware headline link for more information.

ATO slugs Shell with $755m bill in fight against multinational tax avoidance

The Australian Taxation Office has hit the British-Dutch oil giant Shell with a bill estimated at $755m as it continues to pursue multinational resources giants over claims they have avoided paying tax on offshore gas projects.

Court documents reveal Shell’s main Australian company, Shell Energy Holdings Australia, has been fighting the ATO for six years over tax on the company’s stake in the $30bn Browse gas project off the coast of north-west Western Australia.

The ATO’s pursuit of Shell is part of a broader effort to shake money out of big oil and gas projects that one of the authority’s most senior officials says has brought forward tax revenue by a decade. read more

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