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71% of Yorkshire people are thinking of buying electric cars

YORKSHIRE and Humberside has reached a tipping point when it comes to electric cars, with the majority of consumers in the region (71%) now ‘considering’ purchasing one for their next vehicle.

The findings from Shell Energy come after the Government announced plans to bring forward the ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles by five years from 2040 to 2035.

Of those surveyed in Yorkshire and Humberside who said they would consider an EV as their next car, 81% stated that a desire to ‘do their bit for the planet’ made an EV more appealing. read more

Todays standout Shell Energy review on Trustpilot

Worst company!

This company is employees liars and greedy people. They lie to get commission and trick people into going for expensive tariff.
They do not care about the elderly, the single parents or any vulnerable customers.
Speaking to them on the phone is a nightmare.
Nothing they say is consistent across the business. It’s actually RIDICULOUS! These guys will go bust and crumble very soon.
They work with ACN who lie elderly to joining them in the most EXPENSIVE TARIFF and also tariff that have and home bundle are SCAM! They claim you get a free goody but if you look at your tariff rate. ITS RIDICULOUSLY HIGH! You pay for the item via Standing charges and unit rates. GREEDY! read more

Shell Energy to refund £390,000 to thousands of customers for overcharging on bills

SHELL Energy has been forced to pay £390,000 in refunds and compensation to thousands of households for overcharging on bills after the price cap kicked in.

The supplier, which rebranded from First Utility in March, overcharged roughly 12,000 customer accounts a collective total of £100,734 between January and March this year, regulator Ofgem found.

The price cap was introduced in January, and was aimed at saving 11million households on poor-value tariffs about a billion pounds a year. read more

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