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Rude and unapologetic staff at Shell Energy Broadband

“Takes hours and hours to get through to rude and unapologetic staff. Promises to solve the problem are false. Staff have no idea what’s going on.”

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Reviewer John: Location Leicester: Date 2022-12-12


No problems when with the Post Office but now continual problems with Shell broadband speed and its continuity. I’m supposed to receive a speed between 35 Mbs and 45 Mbs. I get as low as 11 Mbs. I complain for which one has to wait around 30 mins for someone to answer the phone. I’m told that I must give 3 possible days when an engineer needs to visit but be prepared to be charged if I’m not at home but for which there is no reciprocal arrangement if the engineer doesn’t turn up, which has happened to me. In fact the problem can be solved without an engineer’s visit and this can be undertaken remotely. Then my speed is restored to around 36 Mbs (min for me should be 35) after which it is slowly decreased until I have to complain again. It seems like I’m being robbed of the service I pay for. As it can be quickly reset I believe that it is my ISP who is throttling my speed. Broken contract – new provider here I come. read more and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.