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Shell Broadband WiFi cuts out all the time

6 July 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Router is poor

The WiFi cuts out all the time and phone rarely connects to it. I emailed them 4 days ago and had no response. The online chat is always offline. I’ve been with TalkTalk and Sky and never had the issue.

simply appalling service

simply appalling service – broadband almost non-existant. Customer service even worse. Call backs promised and never materialise. Foillow up calls promised and don’t happen. Still no internet service over 2 months on. Hours spent listeneing to awful music waiting to speak to someone. No help again today after 2 hrs 50 mins on the phone. Avoid like the plague. Still take my money despite promising a refund, which like the phone calls has not appeared. deadful. Shame on you Shell.

Shell Energy not paying back what they owe

Hi – I have been with Shell Energy Broadband since 9 December 2017 when they were First Utility and subsequently through the name change in June 2019 – I changed my broadband supplier away from Shell Energy which took effect on 9th May this year so just under 2 months ago – To date I have not been refunded the amount of £13.74 which is the agreed amount left in my account – I have rung the company and it is ‘jam tomorrow’ with the latest 10 day period finishing yesterday with still no refund from Shell Energy – I have been told that from my last call the representative kept my money in credit rather than pay it back to me – This company is happy to take your money but does not want to pay you – My account was always paid on time – Any prospective customers might want to consider this side of Shell Energy when thinking about joining them – It is a terrible way to treat a customer and all the more so when I am with them for my Electric and Gas – My account number is 2945130 should anybody from Shell Energy be bothered with sorting this out – Bob

4 days without supply

4 days without supply
4 engineer visits to finally fix
I have had to constantly call Shall over this time
I am a vulnerable adult and this experience has left me dissatisfied
And £30 is a drop in the ocean with your current prices.

The worst energy supplier ever I think

My husband’s gas/electric account got moved to Shell after our previous energy supplier went bust. They are the worst company to deal with and I just cannot wait until the time comes when better deals start coming on the market so we can switch supplier. Had nothing but problems since they started switching the account over – it took nearly 5 months just to get a first bill and even then we had to keep chasing them for one! They also did not transfer across a previous direct debit payment made to our previous supplier – my husband had to file a complaint through Resolver to get that sorted. If you email Customer Service the responses are unhelpful and if you call them they tell you to email so you just get nowhere. No-one cares and no-one is apologetic. Now that the account is finally up and running properly we’ve since had an issue with a bill where they’ve charged us way too much for gas but then put a credit through on the same bill for ‘Cancelled Bills’ – we have no idea what that’s all about and simply do not have the time or motivation to call them and find out what it’s all about. We never ever get a notification (text, email, etc) that the next bill is ready to view – always have to check ourselves periodically online. Honestly, the smaller companies like Bulb, Pure Planet and GoTo were all brilliant and we never had any problems switching to them and they always notified us when our bills were ready. They put Shell to shame. The account is all fine now so there is nothing we need from Shell now to resolve anything but what we have experienced so far is worthy of no stars, but you have to leave 1 star in order to leave the review.

More nasty little threats from this despicable company

Whilst claiming to be dealing with my complaint, this arrived in the Email this morning
“Despite our attempts to contact you, your bill of £6.96 remains unpaid. Missed payments can affect your credit rating, which will in turn impact your ability to obtain finance for a mobile phone, loan, or mortgage. You may also have to pay more for things like insurance.”

They have made NO ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT ME except this nasty little Email and have not responded to anything I have sent them at all.


Blimey – not again?

Blimey – I made the mistake of moving house – back to square one with ShellEnergy, the app doesn’t work, it says my meter readings are “invalid”, the balance after 3 months is £0 (can’t wait for the real bill). On the phone for hours listening to music which sounds like an old MW radio. My other account with them has disappeared. The website says “happy switch day” – it’s been saying that for months just like when I joined them. The operator said ‘could I create another email address so that I can see the other account?’ – what!!!!? – you have got to be kidding. I had smart meters installed today – that will be another reason for it all to go wrong – seriously bad (again) – this is their day-to-day bread and butter yeah?

UPDATE: Both accounts now showing – thank you. Graphs now showing but… still no idea how much 3 months of energy will cost and when the bill is coming – that screen is blank.

0 Stars is more appropriate

As a previous Green customer, I have been trying to get my credit balance refunded for months and Shell customer service have been a nightmare. I have been lied to, ignored and seen my case go round in circles with a different person “handling” my complaint every time.

They are by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced and will avoid for all services in future.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy.

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