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Trustpilot toxic verdict on Shell Energy Customer Services

“Worst energy company I have ever been with”: “Customer Services are a total waste of time.”: This is a total farce only no one is laughing!”: “Company is awful.”

11 June 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Beware this company

Beware this company is sending out demands for monthly payments in my case over 500% above what I am actually using. Have complained to them and the answer is the computer does the calculations !. At first level by phone employee looked at my account and agreed demands were excessive. When complaint escalated is when informed they go by computer calculations and sent deadlock letter with an offer of £50 to close complaint !. Will have to see now what the ombudsman says.

Worst energy company I have ever been with

AWFUL service! 3+ days chasing them for a ‘password reset’ link

My account password was rejected.
Not to worry, I thought: a simple password reset link will do the job. It’ll take all of five minutes – if that.
Repeated, and I mean REPEATED attempts to get the reset link into my inbox got nowhere – although shellenergy know exactly where to send my bill; a password reset link is a step too far for the company.
Shellenergy have wasted THREE days not responding to my password request email by asking for further details alongside my: online account no., my email address (again), my house address and – it seems most important to them – my phone number, so that we can have a private chat – not an online one.
A simple password reset link is all I was after! But now I’m ‘fizzing’ with anger.

A Total Farce

Why is it whenever I write a review about this company, I get replies saying “We’ll be one of our excellent agents to call you back”! I wrote my last review on Wednesday, it’s now Friday and I STILL haven’t received a reply! How many people work in your office? Customer Services are a total waste of time. I get messages saying that “one of OUR agents has been trying to contact you regarding this matter but get no answer !” NO-ONE has called me, there are no missed calls, I ring 1471 just to check! Times are tough right now for everyone a lot of people are facing Hard Times just like the book by Charles Dickens Is the the 19th Century is Queen Victoria still on the throne? Sure feels like it! This is a total farce only no one is laughing! The only way I can get the £5,000 is to go begging on street corners! Think about it, is bet, I’m not the only customer who thinks like this!.

Joined shell in March 2022

Joined shell in March 2022. Shocking service from this company. I am disabled, living alone and have been fighting since i joined then yo have a display unit for the already installed smart meter. Kept getting replies, its an old meter with no display. Constantly having to go outside to see how much i was using, they totally ignored that fact. Kept sending emails saying i was not answering their calls, never recieved any.
Only when i escalated it to a complaint did they agree to install unit.
Planned for yesterday between 8am till noon. Never turned up, i went on online chat yo find out i was 56th in queue to speak to an advisor. I phoned and the kid i got had no clue what to do, kept on hold for an age then she simply appologised saying they will probably send another appointment. This crowd has no clue. The engineer did arrive saying they had had a problem but shell failed to include my phone number to them so they were unable to contact me. I asked the agent on phone for someone to ring me, but guess what, nothing. In my last home i was with EON, without a problem.
Never use shell again.

Previously wrote a review on the 10 of…

Previously wrote a review on the 10 of May. Had a reply to ensure it was being sorted and nothing has been done. Have spent hours on the phone racking up an extra £20 on the phone bill and still not resolved. Company is awful. Just had a smart meter installed just want to be able to get the ridiculous bill sorted!!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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