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Shell Crap Broadband Trustpilot Reviews 22 March 2022

22 March 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

New Broadband customer

Rang Shell Energy Broadband this morning – waited 25 minutes for someone to answer the telephone. Then was told they would have to put me through to customer services where again I would have to wait. I have now been waiting on the telephone over one hour for someone to answer the telephone. Very unacceptable. After waiting for 1 hour and 15 minutes , a gentleman answered my call and after spending five minutes explaining what the problem was I was cut off. Very poor start to this service.

Re broadband/telephone

Re broadband/telephone. . Didn’t receive speeds I was paying for, no telephone line for 9 months, poor customer service. Decided to leave mostly based on poor customer service. Returned router as requested then they took money from my account for that router despite me contacting them with the tracking details. Small claims court now.

I was transferred from Post Office…

I was transferred from Post Office Broadband what have I done deserve this company I do not know You can spend all day on the phone before somebody answer only to be told I’ll put you through to somebody else and then and rest of the week on the phone this is a terrible company do not join just for the fact that you will not be able to speak to anybody in your own lifetime shall be leaving next opportunity

Appalling customer service – Avoid this company!

I have been attempting to cancel our telephone and broadband package for the last 4 weeks. It was originally with Post Office Telecoms, but then migrated to Shell Energy.The Post Office said that they couldn’t cancel the contract because it had migrated to Shell. Shell said that they couldn’t cancel because it hadn’t arrived. I wrote to Shell Energy 2 weeks ago and have received no answer. I phoned Shell (on hold for 20 minutes) and was told to call back in a week. Called again today – on hold for 40 minutes and did eventually manage to cancel. They initially wanted another 28 days notice, but eventually agreed 4 days. The person I spoke to was very pleasant and helpful, but their customer service system is clearly very poor standard.

Broadband problems from the moment…

Broadband problems from the moment shell took over the supply from the Post office, once I managed to speak to a telephone operator who advised me they were a receptionist & they could put me through to customer services, after a 15 minute wait I gave up.
Sent 3 emails I have never had a reply from, the live chat has not worked for me. I have now changed supplier earlier than I wanted to, I was in credit on my prepayment card I guess I can kiss goodbye to that.
They sent a email that they want the router returned (it has post office on it, & they are welcome to it, but where I am going to send it to I have no idea as they do not answer the phone or emails)

What a disappointment

What a disappointment! As my previous suppliers became defunct, I was transferred to Shell for broadband and gas. I tried to contact both numerous times but they did not respond. When finally I spoke to them about my broadband they gave be incorrect information and tried to change me much more. I am out of here!

Terrible customer service

Started off good, went down hill…fast!
Received good service using their online chat function. But then…
Constant conflicting messages.
Failed to reply to emails, required chasing in most cases.
Failed to handle freedom of information request in time.
Odd reply times of a few hours to not at all.
Wasn’t properly informed what invoice or credit were for.
Had to chase my deadlock letter.
Didnt want to go to the ombudsman but due to poor service had no other option .

Watch out for the broadband packages

Watch out for the broadband packages, they offer you a deal and you may believe you are paying a set sum. When your bill arrives you will find they have added 20% vat, which they dont inform you about when you take out the package. So example, you sign up for a package at £21.95 pm.. then get billed £26.34

abysmal customer service

I had been with Post Office broad band for many years and had always been satisfied with their customer service e.g. when a router broke 5 years ago it was replaced immediately, however, in January the Post office stopped broadband service and transferred my account over to Shell. Unfortunately at this time my router stopped working so I called Shell Customer services who took my information, eventually I received a new router 16 days after the first phone call, during which time I had to phone customer services twice more and submit a complaint. When I finally received the router I was dismayed that it did not work. I called customer services 4 times that afternoon over a period of about 3 hours . Each of those 4 phone calls consisted of having to wait long periods of time before speaking to anyone then I would be transferred to another dept, then another before being cut off without resolution. I had to put in another complaint. All in all I was without broadband for 20 days. I received a phone call and apology and was told someone from another department would call me 2 days later to discuss recompense, it is now over 4 weeks since I should have received that phone call. The final straw occurred yesterday when I received a letter from Shell saying that I had not returned the old router and I was being charged for it. This router was posted mid February, I received a proof of postage and a tracker number – I checked and it was delivered 2 days later on 18th February. I would actively discourage anyone from using this service.



worst energy provider I have ever been with. I was quoted £83.00 pcm which I put in place before the price increases. I was then told on the third month of payment that my payments would go up to £230.00 pcm , although my projection remained the same. This has taken months to resolve, there is poor communication across teams.

Absolutely terrible

Absolutely terrible. On a call for 31 minutes, transferred through FOUR different advisors and departments only to be finally cut off by the last! Don’t know what they’re doing and can’t resolve simple issues.

Worst customer service

We got moved to Shell when Green went bust. I still don’t have an account set up. Each time you talk to customer service you get told to wait 5 days.

I ended up submitting a complaint to them. Then when returning a voicemail got hung up on twice!

Resorted to emailing the Director of customer service. Doubt it will get me anywhere though.

A soon as I can I will be leaving. Please don’t join Shell Energy.

Shell energy are the worst company I…

Shell energy are the worst company I have ever come across, there customer service advisors are nothing but liars who promise the earth and deliver nothing, on there Web site, they say that they install Smets 2 smart meters with a home hub, when in fact they sub contract a 2 bit company who install smets 1 with no home hub available, no point in that, make promises to call you back, never happens, 5 times I have complained and even sent an email, no response, plan to change supplier as they are the worst ever and could not recommend Shell Enegy to anyone.

I’ve had nothing but problems since…

I’ve had nothing but problems since I’ve been passed over to Shell. I’m on the Priority Service & had advised I needed the smart electric meter read as it doesn’t send readings automatically. I’ve been asking since the beginning of the year & trying to get someone out before the end of March. Trying to get a straight answer from CS was almost impossible. They’ve now booked someone to come out & read the meter on April 5th, which is not ideal but much than before. The only reason they’ve done this is because I wouldn’t go away!

Shell Energy – Incompetent & Acting illegally ?

This is a follow up review, as at 21 March 2022. Over the weekend, without my request or permission and without notifying me Shell Energy again switched my tariff, this time from “Flexible 6” to “Flexible October 2021”. The change results in a tariff increase for both gas and electricity kWh and daily standing charges. For our account this increase is about £0.30 a day. This is the second time Shell Energy have switched tariff, on the 1 March 2022 they adjusted the tariff to economy 7 backdating it 4 months for billing which resulted in £150+ overcharge. Both switches in tariff were done without permission or notification and in contravention of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

In summary Shell Energy are systematically breaking the law by switching me to higher tariffs without agreement or even notification. Whilst the switch will be short lived as a new tariff will come into effect on 1 April 2022 it is yet another example of the constant frustration of dealing with an inept company.

My previous post explains my frustrations at the switch to Shell. It included frustrations at trying set-up and then get Shell to take direct debit payments. My bank now inform me as at 21 March 2022 that a direct debit instruction with the company is in place, sadly the Shell Energy IT system has decided all 4 attempts to set up a direct debit should be cancelled. Having spent another wasted quarter of an hour with Shell service on 16th setting up a new direct payment, the instruction was reversed at the same time my account appears to have suffered a tariff change.

I appreciate the help Shell customer complaints team have provided, albeit short lived when it comes to direct debits but the company is clearly failing if it believes it is not bound by consumer protection legislation.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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