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I am sorry, but my experience with Shell energy today has been beyond belief

24 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy and Shell Broadband published on Trustpilot.

Can’t fix their own mistakes

I moved home and left Shell. My bill has been incorrect for 6 weeks. I explained I would not pay my final bill until it is corrected.

I have phoned multiple times, spent hours of my personal time to proactively solve this. Despite several promises from multiple agents my bill has never been updated.

I am now being threatened with debt collectors and damage to my credit rating. I have ran out of time and energy and am just going to pay the bill. Terrible performance and a company I will never go with again no matter the cost.

Could be left without electricity supply

I have tried to get through several times taking over 6 hours to ask Shell to install a new meter for a new 3 phase supply- when I did get through I was on the phone 1.5 hours explaining what needed to happen the advisor clearly didn’t understand – at one point talking about gas supply not electricity- in the end he said he had arranged an appointment for the engineer to come and install – I phoned today to confirm they were coming and there is no record of an appointment being made! I had to start the conversation all over again and have now been advised that I can not make the appointment but will instead need to phone the emergency line on the day my electrify is being installed- leaving me in a position where I may not have electricity in my home!!! How could you do this to me – so little faith in Shell now.

Slow to no service

As one of the customers who were transferred to Shell from Green, the service is rubbish. They refuse to send us a statement. Tried calling – no response or miss directing call. Sent a email – response Of being to busy. Live chat – extremely slow, it appears that the the poor guy was busy with numerous chats repeating questions. After spending a hour and a half waiting and typing we’ve got a balance and statement to follow in 2 days. Fingers cross….

Totally Untrustworthy

Failed to turn up twice on the same day for Smart Meter Installation. They called in the morning to advise they needed to change to the afternoon I rearranged my day and they failed to show up during the afternoon also Made no effort to expedite a new date as a priority and i now have to wait a further 3 weeks. They wasted a day of my life!
Totally untrustworthy company.  Please don’t give me a patronising response just check my address at XXXXXXXX (redacted) and do something about it if you wish to keep me as a customer.

I am sorry, but my experience with Shell…

I am sorry, but my experience with Shell energy today has been beyond belief. I had gas connected to my (once all electric)property today.So, contacted you,to ask for a gas meter to be installed. First of all told..we don,t fit gas meters?? I was passed on to SMS who were confused,as to why SE had not sorted it. Phoned you back,to be put through to a Northern power number..after hanging on 20 mins, was told I was through to the Electric dept.Unbelievable.So,I am afraid I will not be using SE for my gas connection,and as soon as possible,I will move my electric account. Gill Penn.

I have been MADE a customer of Shell…

I have been made a customer of Shell Energy because I asked for a quote from Green Energy just as they went into liquidation I did not think it went through as I did not get an e,mail from them telling me what was happening untill I saw on TV what had gone on. I soon after I got an email from Ofgem telling me I was going to Shell energy. I have asked them to be put back to Octopus Energy. but Shell will not let me go to Octopus energy, they Shell have said they are going to transfer my Direct Debit from Octopus to Shell but I have said no I want to be with Octopus Energy I have tried to phone OFGEM and been put on hold for well over an hour, but I still get emails from Shell saying I am their customer. I should be the person who says which company I want to be a customer of not someone on a keyboard saying you are our customer. PLEASE LET ME GO BACK TO AN ENERGY COMPANY THAT I WANT TO BE WITH. Octopus Energy who have tried to help me by getting touch with Shell but SHELL wont let me go back
DATED 21st January 2022.

Shell Energy – Don’t switch

I was with Green Energy and was allocated to Shell Energy when the company ceased trading. I need to contact someone at Shell Energy to see when my positive balance would be transferred but this seems impossible. I have been held in a queue in their online messaging portal and have been number 1 in that queue currently for nearly 45 minutes. Do they only have one person covering this service? If so they must be dealing with a complicated issue. I think I’m going to have to switch suppliers as their customer service is so poor!

Customer service blocked my number…

Customer service blocked my number every time I call they can’t hear me. Also they have no email so if you like a provider like that wait until a problem arises and then that’s the way they deal with it


Well the saga continues, Shell Energy after 4 months emailed me twice to say they have sent a link to my email address, so I can access my account. Of course I have received nothing. I did get one email last week that stated the problem was at their end (well that we know). Meanwhile my monthly direct debit has increased by 73% but I cannot even see what my usage is.

Absolutely poor service during switch.

Absolutely poor service during switch.

Been with shell energy for 4 months, I moved house 3 months ago but am still getting charged every month despite having a £280 credit.

Called up shell and was told to wait until possibly February but they couldn’t say when my final bill would be produced.

I’ve now cancelled my direct debit

I would stay clear of shell energy

I would stay clear of shell energy. They do not understand their bills and that the tenants are in charge of the bills. Avoid at all costs

Took them 4 months to convert my…

Took them 4 months to convert my account from Green Energy. In the meantime blocked me from being able to sign up for a better rate with alternative supplier using the need to allocate me an account number as the excuse . How can it take 4 months to onboard an account ?
Poor rates as well. Bad business

I agree with all who say that Shell…

I agree with all who say that Shell Energy is hopeless. I needed a meter position changed and arranging this with Shell Energy was a nightmare. I would not recommend Shell Power to my worst enemy.

Dreadful service

Dreadful service. I was switched to Shell Energy when my previous company collapsed. So far despite sending in meter readings Shell have still not managed to produce a monthly bill. They now want me to submit more readings so I get a six week bill. This company is an absolute shambles if I hadn’t been moved I would never have used them.

This is a summary of my complaint :

This is a summary of my complaint :
Hi There, I am getting a little concerned that no one has been in contact with me regarding my meter upgrade. Next week as I have explained Cadent will be coming out to upgrade the size of my gas supply and on Wednesday 26th Jan they will be wanting to connect to the new U16 meter which you should be supplying. PLEASE can someone phone me 07831436041 to discuss this situation. I cannot get any further with your help line after spending over 3 hours at different times, because they say it’s the metering department and they cannot transfer my call. I am totally dissatisfied with this service and if I ever get to speak to someone in charge I will certainly inform them of a lack of communication I have experienced.


Unbelievable – I’ve been with them since September 2021 and four months later they still can’t get the app or the billing to work. How hard can it be? I must have made ten calls and raised two complaints but still the estimated bills arrive despite having a smart meter. At best, a weak outfit – avoid them, life will be easier for you…


Broadband Review – Simply Terrible

Shell might be slightly cheaper but my god do you get what you pay for….

– Erratic speeds, very rarely as advertised
– Constant drop outs and disconnections
– Abhorrent customer service

I’m paying the extra couple of quid for a better known supplier now and the line is perfect so flys in the face of SE representatives trying to blame everyone else.

Stick to fuel your petrol is bang on, internet isn’t your bag

Poor customer service and very low…

Poor customer service and very low promised internet speeds, avoid at all cost

If you like lousy service go to Shell

Apart from the very last agent I spoke to my experience with Shell Broadband has been dreadful even though I have only been with them for about two weeks. Thank goodness I am now back with Sky! I had six years good service with Sky – Why did I ever leave?

Shell Broadband not a patch on Vodafone

At last we are no longer with Shell Energy Broadband. We still have to pay the fee for ending the contract early, but at least we now have a reliable broadband service. We have gone days now without broadband cutting out for at least one of our devices. It’s heaven. Interestingly, I note the speed is quicker with vodafone too, despite us contracting for the same offer Shell market. The router Shell provide is not fit for purpose and that is why they offer cheap deals. It has been with great delight that we returned Shell’s router yesterday. All I have to do now is inform Ofcom

I was customer for nearly 4 years ad…

I was customer for nearly 4 years ad the last broadband I upgraded was 38mb for 25 per month
Month. I was using it for my for browsing which very slow. I think they were still giving me 15mb. So I decided to move to Vodafone where I'm getting the same for 19:50 per month. When I phone them in September to cancel they continue to direct debit from my account, when I phone this morning they told me it was November there are cheats because they will not refund the money back to me.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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