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Shell Broadband terrible, WiFi a joke

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Shell Broadband terrible, WiFi a joke


Reviewer Terence Fletcher: Location – Barnsley. Date 2021-12-10


Worst ever experience of dealing with any company. The service was terrible, the WiFi was a joke.

Reviewer Claire: Location – Fareham: Date 2021-12-10


Terrible service. Internet constantly dropping out. 0.5mbps speed during day with regular drops. Constant calls to be told there was no issue. After much hoop jumping Internet seemed average for a while. Now have been without Internet for 5 days. One hour each night on hold to company, during that time after 30 minutes on hold half the time the line is hung up without speaking to anyone. When I finally get through some agents are ridiculously rude and unhelpful and make me feel like it is somehow my fault and I am being unreasonable for expecting a service I’m paying for. I did speak to one lovely lady who said a ticket was raised but now 5 days have passed with no further communication, Internet is still down. Writing this review after being on hold yet again for half an our only to have the line cut off so starting the process again just to try and get a basic Internet service. Would cancel but am told that I have to pay cancellation fees despite the many months of problems and complaints.

Reviewer Dave newman: Location – Manchester: Date 2021-12-10


When joining Shell Energy Broadband. Customer Service staff offered me Broadband for £26 per month which is on their own website for only £15 per month.

Two. Shell energy broadband, Send me my router. it was one day late and the currier did not knock on my door, just left a card and I had to go and collect it myself.

Three. When I tried to speak to shell energy broadband about this, it was impossible to get through to them because the advisor took down my email address incorrectly and left it impossible to access their site/My Account. Getting a phone number that works…impossible!

Four. My ‘go live’ live date has come and gone with no access to the Internet as the provided Wi-Fi passwords are incorrect…unbelievable!

Reviewer Graeme mackie: Location – Galashiels: Date 2021-12-09


Please do not subscribe to shell they are the world worst company they don’t care about you if I could give the o out of ten I would in fact I would rather have piles than subscribe to this lot.

Reviewer Shehzad: Location – Buckinghamshire: Date 2021-12-09


I took out a new contract with these guys after leaving sky. I have to say shell has the worst customer service iv ever come across I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join these guys. I have called them today because I haven’t received my router which I was ment to get last week I’m on the phone to them right now and iv been put on hold for over 15mins because they want to find out where the router is before all this I called them 3 times and kept getting disconnected. My honest opinion about this service is absolutely diabolical please don’t waste your time with them find I reliable supplier.

Reviewer Richard Crossley: Location – Burnley: Date 2021-12-08


Connection drops or only gives me 6mb now for the last 6 weeks, it was working fine before that, tried to call customer service and after 45 minutes I got through but I explained what the problem was and the guy put the phone down on me, I’m now trying to call back but they will be closed by the time I get through. Not fit for purpose, use someone else.

Reviewer Brian: Location – Barnsley: Date 2021-12-08


Left Shell Energy because of very poor speed. I was asked to return their router. The post office did not accept their return label. Despite requests via e-mails and phone calls they failed to send the promised return label. They hsve now charged me £35 pounds for failing to return their router!

Reviewer Gill: Location – Droylsden: Date 2021-12-07


Absolute waste of time. After being on the phone for approx 5 hours booked an engineer to come, he never turned up and then sent an email saying no fault detected… so another hour on the phone booked another engineer so waiting to see if he turns up. I’ve had no internet for 6days and no tv. Service absolutely appalling. Definately avoid signing up. I was with the post office until they sold it off to this shambles of a company

Reviewer Lee: Location – Dumfries: Date 2021-12-06


Customer service good if problem fixed first call. Otherwise its nightmare I have to run around switching broadband Internet to connected off

Reviewer Disappointed: Location – Swindon: Date 2021-12-04


Trusted the Post Office, who no longer do broadband services, to transfer me to a decent-quality provider. But as soon as the service moved to Shell the quality instantly plummeted, slow and often barely existent especially at weekends. I really wish I hadn’t agreed to transfer to Shell but having read the avalanche of appalling reviews I don’t think I can face customer services!

Reviewer Eric Middlehurst: Location – Kilmarnock: Date 2021-12-03



no internet but they want to charge me for a fault thats their doing havent even had the hub for a week asked to cancle my acxount in the first to 3 days twicein one day two seperate phone calls i was told my account is closed only to discover it wasnt its like they are using entrapment to make their money im sure this is ilegal i will be recording the next phone call i have with them to make sure their is proof that simeone is sayinh my account is closed

Reviewer Anthony Murphy: Location – Telford: Date 2021-12-03


Total rubbish. Moved from Sky 12Mbps to Shell 50Mbps. The slower was far far better. No point in having a broadband connection a mega speed that takes 2,3 or 4 minutes to connect to something as simple as the BBC and even then starts buffering in the middle of a program. Only committed for a year so will go back to Sky ASAP

Reviewer steven: Location – Minehead: Date 2021-12-02


Company not fit for purpose. Broadband provider, I don`t think so, nightmare providers. Speeds unusable, promise average 11mbps.get 4mbps if your lucky on top of that wifi signal NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Customer service NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. SERVICE . NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, do they care about the shockingly bad service they provide. NOT A CHANCE. ROBBERS is an UNDERSTATEMENT. AVOID if you have got any sense.

Reviewer Ian: Location – Teddington: Date 2021-12-02


Disgrace of a service. We get decent WiFi coverage only up to 3 metres from Router. Rest is hopeless. Weak signal. Drops out. Unusable unless you want to sit in your hall all day. There seems to be little enthusiasm to help and relying on the penalty clause to stop you moving to a provider who can do the job. This has been the case in two small flats. Never seen such problems in 20 years of buying broadband, Shell should stick to oil. They clearly can’t do this business. Will never use again. Will never recommend.

Reviewer Tom: Location – Brandon: Date 2021-12-01


I would not be leaving such a bad review had Shell not messed up and not sent over a compatible router for my new package.

When upgrading to the new package was told my current router is compatible. Waited patiently until 30th November for it to switch. 30th November came and broadband just cut out. Had engineers from Open Reach in on the same day, they tried everything but could not get broadband to work. We called Shell and they said they need to send a new router out and can take up to two working days. I work from home and now have to use my limited mobile data to connect to my work system. Asked Shell if they can do anything and they just said have to wait for the new router to arrive. Not helpful at all and will be raising a formal complaint with them when I finally have a broadband connection.

Again, if this had not happened, I would be happy to leave a better review but this has really been a joke so they only get 1 star.

Reviewer STANER: Location – Bexleyheath: Date 2021-11-30


Postoffice/Shell Broadband state my line is completely fine. I have purchased a new ADSL, I have placed the cable into the test socket and I have moved my wiring, (even though I have had the phone and router in the same place for years). But my E mail states it’s me (household) that has the issue. My speed is so slow that I can only write E mails. Their tech team never picks up, even when they call me and transfer me to the team. In my opinion customer service want to be seen as being active but nothing gets done.
The automated message when you call customer service keeps cutting out so you don’t hear sentences.
I have requested to cancel my contract without a penalty as they are not fulfilling their side of the bargain.

Reviewer Graeme mackie: Location – Galashiels: Date 2021-11-30


Do not go with this lot done absolutely nothing to try and get my broadband up and running you would be better hitting your head up against a wall. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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