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Trustpilot Verdict on Shell Energy: Poor, pathetic, ignorant, liars and that’s just the start

Content sourced from recent customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

6 Sept 2021

Poor Pathetic Incompetent

Poor, pathetic, ignorant, liars and that’s just the start.

My DD was increased without my knowledge and also first utility was taken over by shell energy and when I try to log in , I am being told I have no energy supplied by Dhell when I am clearly paying £250+ a month!!!! I called on Wednesday 1 September 3 times twice being put through to Bosnia first to Amar, then a very bored woman and then Ahmed in the UK. I’m was promised by Ahmed in the Uk that the service received in Vpsnia was appalling and he would clarify all my issues , he even took my mobile number in case we get cut off, after 36 mins of hold and in total ( whilst working ) an hour and a half on calls I was cut off , 72 hours later still waiting for a call back from Ahmed who will call me back straight away if we get cut off, I didn’t get cut off accidentally I was cut off on purpose!!
Today Saturday 4 september 2021 I rang again got through to Bosnia and another Baltic state who coudnt deal with my complaint even though I had a reference number. I got a bog standard email stating they have let the customer down this time and will do everything to rectify yet no idea what they are going to do?
I’m going to take my credit and my DD to another supplier albeit slightly expensive who can provide a service and assure the customer of promises made. No wonder the chief executive starts the call with a recording “ be nice to our staff etc etc” but the issue is they are incompetent
Monday is going to be the day when I tell them to get lost and the money I pay then over £2000 a year can go to a better supplier.
You want to make the customer second next well there is no loyalty anymore
Thd customer goes where the service is !

Website Down Again

Very poor service once you are on board particularly with the website which seems to be constantly “down for maintenance”. They emailed me telling me my tariff is due to end and the only day of tghe week I get to deal with this stuff is on a Sunday which is when they tend to take the website off air and guess what, they also have no phone lines open. In addition to this you cannot find details of your current tariff anywhere because they take that information down once the tariff has finished. So basically I have no information on current usage, tariff or account details until they decide to wake up later. Very very poor.


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