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Shell energy broadband is the worst

Good riddance to Shell Energy Broadband

Information sourced from Trustpilot customer reviews of Shell Energy first published 2 days ago and republished here today, 30 July 2021

Shell energy broadband is the worst

Shell energy broadband is the worst. I kept receiving debt email which I complained about and initially they did not understand either why I am continuously being charged for a service I terminated before the next billing month.

Then they said about early termination fee which I contested that I was with you since July 2019 for an 18 months contract when I had left June 2021.

They dug really hard to charge me for an engineers fee for a small repair on May 2021 which mind you did not fix the disgusting slow internet connection anyway that they themselves said if it were a small repair they need not charge me. But lo and behold , even after finally leaving them I am still haunted by them.

So , I finally caved and paid the engineers fee plus a disconnection fee( eye’s rolling) just to finally stop hearing from them. Good riddance. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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