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Expect hidden charges and sneaky fees from Shell Energy

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “I’m a new customer, however the broadband /internet box already stopped working!”: “I get continuous buffering and sometimes I lose Internet connection…”: Expect hidden charges and sneaky fees when your contract ends.”: “DO NOT LET THEM DO TO YOU WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME AVOID SHELL ENERGY AT ALL COSTS” 

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article was posted on 24 July 2021.

I’m a new customer

I’m a new customer, however the broadband /internet box already stopped working!

Useless customer service overcharged…

Useless customer service overcharged then not given a refund line speed and quality is poor do not go to shell worse Internet I’ve ever had

I get continuous buffering and…

I get continuous buffering and sometimes I lose Internet connection – am seriously thinking of changing broadband supplier

Expect hidden charges

One star because the customer service operatives answer the phone. Expect hidden charges and sneaky fees when your contract ends.

Really poor broadband speeds

Really poor broadband speeds, Originally joined in April 2020 on the basic package with a 12 month contract, as the speed was so bad i upgraded in July to the Super fast package and i was told it was for 12 months.
No contract was sent and my online account shows no contract length. The super speed package is still not great and as its been a year i called to cancel only to be told i have an 18 month contract!!!!
Despite several calls asking for them to send a copy of the contract to prove its for 18 months i am still waiting. First they sent a copy of my original contract on the basic package and then i get told i asked for the wrong thing, put the blame on me and because they sent the wrong contract they had to open another dispute claim and every one of these takes 30 days to respond. how hard is it for Shell to send a customer a copy of their current contract??? Very hard it appears !!!!

It is impossible to contact Shell…

It is impossible to contact Shell Energy without you wait on the end of a telephone for at least 45 minutes, the person answering is polite but each time I have spoken to people they have promised to correct things but so far nothing has been done, put in a complaint, a manager promised to ring me this week and again nothing has happened, no one has telephoned. Very poor customer care.

Complaining like speaking to a brickwall

I complained about fraud act they committed me instead of saying sorry and explain why they did it they then offer a pointless phone call a normal adult has no time for pointless phone calls which when I phoned up Shel before the support was like speaking to overgrown child since no sense comes out of any of the call centre people


Really expensive service, almost double than I used to pay compared to other companies and takes agessss for an issue to be sorted, I’m talking months. Hate to be negative but I do not recommend at all.

0 stars for this company i pay my bills…

0 stars for this company i pay my bills in full when they arrive i owe this company nothing I have already paid four quarterly bills now i am receiving another two which makes 6 quarterly bills this year i owe them nothing yet they won’t let me leave they make up debt you dont owe to prevent leaving they have blacklisted me for paying my bills the law stinks because it allows this company to do this ofgem do your job. DO NOT LET THEM DO TO YOU WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME AVOID SHELL ENERGY AT ALL COSTS i have constantly emailed you phoned you several times you said you would investigate you did your own staff from your company investigated yourselves and came to the decision you were right there was no independent investigation which proves you have something to hide my talking will be done through truspilot to let people know exactly what your doing done all that to no avail

Shell thinks nothing of threatening good customers.

Despite sending an email to say the final balance would be taken by Direct Debit Shell still sent a threatening message over a week before the due date:

Hi XXX, this is a message from Shell Energy. There is an outstanding balance of £173.95 on your account XXX. Please make payment today to avoid a negative impact on your credit file. To complete the payment request please visit: https://mppcxcc

Friendly and threatening at the same time. So unprofessional.

I left Shell because I couldn’t get a Smart meter appointment.

Rotten – just don’t bother

I thought the service I received was absolutely rotten…

Unfortunately, I inherited the supplier during a house move. The minute I got to the front door when I got the keys, during completion from a solicitor on my house purchase, I took photographs of the meter readings.

Shell chose to go with the closing rates from the previous owner yet I was paying for his previous electricity because there was a conflict between closing rates of him and opening reads of me.

So, I went through the call centre, overseas, where they could barely speak English – was an absolute car crash. Agent said he needed to transfer me to somebody else… I got cut off.

So I elected to the Twitter team. The agent had the balls to say to me “don’t worry we’re only questioning approximately 60p difference”. That is not the point-that is why we have opening and closing reads and every photo I sent was date stamped.

So I went back to them and I was promised this would get escalated because I was annoyed with the previous owner dumping his used electricity on me. Nothing ever came back…

So I settled my bill but wholeheartedly I can say to you don’t bother with this lot. I found them to be taking lack of ownership, lack of consistency, everything had the word lack involved.

Fortunately the day I moved in I dumped them and moved to a different supplier, which ultimately brought me almost 40% saving.

They should just stick to what they do best-petrol at a pump, and I rest my case therein.

Shell Energy will rip you off!!

If you want to be ripped off go to Shell Energy. I live in a one bed flat and they charged me £291 for 1 months electricity and sent me out a wrong bill for £1500 when it was only £800. Yes stress!
Oh i forgot i raised a complaint on 29th July of which no one got back to me so I called today to be offered £30 and 6 sorrys of so sorry mistakes happen. The only saving grace was that the customer service rep was very good. Either way Stay Away from Shell Energy!

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