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Trustpilot Reviews of Shell Energy: ‘BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD’: Complete Shambles

Extracts from current Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot in the last 48 hours: “Complete shambles from, day 1. I really don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, but unfortunately there’s nothing positive to say about my experience with Shell Energy. From day 1 I’ve had issues… All of this has amounted in hours of my time on the phone to incompetent staff (clearly a lack of training)…”: “Avoid this company at all costs!”: “BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the last 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 01 April 2021.

Joined Shell Energy understood my bill…

Joined Shell Energy understood my bill would be less than Octopus Energy, now Shell Energy put Direct Debit up more than my old Octopus Energy Bill was BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD

Avoid this company at all costs

Avoid this company at all costs! They overcharged me by £630 which I fought for two years. They eventually backed down and realised that they owed me £57 which never came. They subsequently told me that they could not find the email they sent me with their refund offer. Over two years later I received my refund, they are an absolute joke of a company, I cannot stress how useless they are!

Complete shambles from day 1

I really don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, but unfortunately there’s nothing positive to say about my experience with Shell Energy.

From day 1 I’ve had issues, with smart meters not working, meter reads being rejected (despite picture evidence that they’re accurate), home moves not being actioned just to name a few.

All of this has amounted in hours of my time on the phone to incompetent staff (clearly a lack of training) trying to resolve ridiculously simple issues. The icing on the cake was an advisor putting me on hold because he didn’t want to talk to me.

I’m currently going through the formal complaints procedure.

Shell Energy Broadband

Broadband service: highly unprofessional communication, several e.mails repeatedly ignored for weeks on what should be a simple matter. This company appears to want to keep standing customers on an out-of-contract basis rather than offering a renewal.

I would not recommend this company at…

I would not recommend this company at all…if you are reading right now PLEASE DO NOT JOIN SHELL ENERGY!!! Worst experience in my life and I regret it deeply, wish I could turn back time but too late now!!

Avoid at all cost

Will spam you with competitions and Shell Plus info but will take over 2months to setup an account and not communicate why there are delays. Even then they will fail to setup the direct debit agreed and produce random bills when they fee like it for random amounts. When your finally able to talk to someone they don’t know why things weren’t done, don’t listen, and don’t do anything. Avoid at all cost

Give up if you have a fault

Mid Jan I lost broadband, each time I rang they told me to unscrew the connection from my wall, plug and unplug the cables. 3 engineers came out all said I had internet which I accepted but there was obviously a fault from router. Shell were so unhelpful, they just kept telling me ‘you’ve got internet’ as if I was lying. gave up in end, as going round in circles. spent £100 on phone data as I still had to work, then beginning of March another company installed fully working internet in 30 mins

Dreadful IT systems

I pasted an earlier review to say I could not enter an intial gas reading.

Finally entered one but later got an email to ask me to submit my readings. Checked my account and it now says rejected for the gas reading. No hint of why rejected, just that it will not be used.

The help on their site for reading meters does not mention my design of gas meter.

Their website is very slow to respond.

Definitely a very poor impression for a new customer.

Transfer process not as clear as it could be

As a dual fuel customer I found communication about the transfer disjointed receiving separate emails about the status of the transfer for each fuel. I would have expected the service for both to start at the same time but I’m not sure it has! And despite having received my final bill from my previous provider I have had no confirmation of the meter reading used by Shell as their opening reading so I will not be able to check the accuracy of the transfer until I receive my first Shell bill at which point it will no doubt be incredibly difficult to query it with my previous supplier.

Meter reading

This is the 3rd time I’ve contacted yourselves about meter reading .I was promised my meter would be read by yourselves as am unable to read it myself due to glaucoma and my age I am 79yrs this year and live on my own.

Cheating when quoting

Based on my current energy usage I have received a certain quote.
Based on that quote I made my choice in joining Shell energy.
During the confirmation of contract the finalised DD amount has been raised by 25%, making my monthly bill much more expensive than budgeted.

I am afraid I have been cheated in this process.

Shell energy is worst from my…

Shell energy is worst from my experience. Customer service is not polite and not helpful at all. They don’t send agent to read your meter ever, when we submit readings they reject it and push to high estimated readings. Their it system is rubbish, no notifications, accepts meter reads, then in few days it marks it invalid, no emails, chat system we have to keep waiting and no sound notification and they leaves the chat immediately. Customer service speaks like customers are meter experts and knows about all this. They need to understand customers are from different profession with no knowledge about electric meters and has to help customers. Very very difficult and makes your life miserable!

Dear God Why?!

So frustrating dealing with this company. My energy bill has been wrong for the past 12 months, and I’ve supplied photographic evidence of my meter readings on several occasions.

Each time I’m assured by the customer services team that my bill will be changed in accordance with the actual readings I’ve provided. And each time nothing ever happens!

They are trying to raise my monthly DD from £71 to £260! This is to pay for an erroneous bill from 2019, a bill which would have meant that I had used more than a small town in a single month! Come on Shell, if I was using that much then don’t you think I’d have the police knocking on my door thinking I’m running a pot farm?!

I’ve wasted so many hours of my life on this crap. All I want is an energy supplier that supplies energy, without having to speak to them every month trying to sort this bill. I’ve spoken to your agents more that I’ve spoken to my dad this year alone!

I don’t have time for this!

Edit: yes Shell. I’m well aware how to submit meter readings thank you. That’s not what the issue is. The issue is that you refuse to change the readings to my actual readings (photographic proof) so you’re charging me for electricity which I haven’t even used. But you’d understand that if you actually bother reading my review. Cheers

Very poor service on switching

I tried to switch my elderly Mothers gas and electricity supply to this company. Dreadful experience in the end. Started well with follow up phone call and email to clarify some details. I provided that detail including photos of existing meters by return e mail the same day, 12th March. Silence. Chased by e mail 20th March. Silence. Persued again this time by chat facility on web site. Useless, as whoever staffing it clearly did not understand, or want to help and she eventually terminated the chat. Tried again and eventually got a telephone number. Got through and eventually told I needed to get a meter ref; from existing supplier. This despite photographing meters and giving all details from existing bills. Did concede that they had not asked me to do this, but persisted with the line it was up to me. Given up now on making a switch to this company.

Been with them since June 2020

Been with them since June 2020. Worse company I’ve ever been with. Had direct debit for 3 months then they didn’t take payments for 5 months. I decided to pay via the app and paid what I would have paid by direct debit. All went well for 3 months when during February they decided to start taking by direct debit again even though I’d paid two days earlier so I then stopped my direct debit since then I’m getting letters emails and text messages daily I’ve rang them twice this week and waited 20 minutes after the automated call just cut me off I’ve chatted via the app to Bethany t. Offered no apology or explanation to the problem only thing she was interested in was telling me I need to do another direct debit and said I’m in debt for£211??? Originally my direct debit was agreed by me at £121.00 per month but after 3 months they took £180.00 ??? Only having been with this company 9 months I’ve made 2 complaints they messed up my payment plan. My direct debit and payments yet I’ve paid them £1200.00 in 9 months. Customer service is useless. Avoid at all cost. Also booked a telephone conversation with an adviser to sort the problems out. Was told I’d get a call back between 1-7pm. No one rang

Since Shell took over First Utility I have had problems.

I used to be with First Utility, Great. Since taken over by Shell, problems! They offered me a new tariff with payments based on previous usage, broadly in line with previous tariff. They then charged me twice in the same period for my energy, doubling my bill and demanding I increased my direct debit by 50%! It took months to resolve. I had a smart meter installed as I no longer trusted Shell. After a few months they now want to increase my direct debit again by about 50%. I found that my bills are about 20% more than my smart meter IHD says. They say it is because the IHD indicated costs do not include VAT and standing charges! I don’t believe them. I see the standing charge first thing every morning. Every other company I checked the IHD shows total charges albeit there might be slight differences with month endings. The bill might be produced on the 28th of each month say. Shell sucks with IT and customer support. I will leave them as soon as I am able. Yet again I have been told I am wrong and given platitudes. I got up last night and took a photo of my IHD and it showed my daily standing charge including VAT. I tweeted this to Shell and now, after days of denying it they say I am correct. Apparently the ‘new’ problem is that they have loaded the wrong tariff onto my meter! You just could not make this up! I blame management at the top level. They have no system for continuous improvement, problem reporting. The front line are just there to be polite and fob customers off.

Bit pointless putting a review on here…

Bit pointless putting a review on here when they reply back to you asking you to ring them. The usual dial a help desk and then you still have to go through it all over again. All they ever seem to do is pass the buck. Quick at asking for something that took them nearly a year to incorrectly sort it out. Complete shambles.

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