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ISP Shell Energy UK Warns of Broadband and Phone Price Rises

ISP Shell Energy UK Warns of Broadband and Phone Price Rises

Friday, December 11th, 2020 (4:17 pm)

Shell Energy has informed “all customers” who signed up before 2nd September 2020 that, from 11th January 2021, some of them will face a price hike on their home broadband and call services. The move is expected to hit 112,000 customers, although around 42,000 on copper cables will receive a free upgrade to “fibre“.

The move is somewhat awkward for a provider that has long promoted itself as offering “no end-of-contract price rises,” although this latest change appears to be more of a mid-contract increase, but that will do little to improve customer perceptions as many will not have been expecting this (credits to MSE for spotting the price change).

The related price notification can be found on their website and it states that customers on their “Fast and First Broadband” packages will see their prices increase by £2 per month. All call plans will also increase by £1 per month.

Elsewhere, call connection charges will jump from 20p to 23p, while UK landline / mobile / service calls will jump by an extra 2p to 15p per minute. On the flip side calls to their Call Centre from a Shell Energy landline will be free of charge from 11th January 2021.

Meanwhile, for those offered a free “fibre” (FTTC) upgrade from ADSL broadband, Shell Energy states: “We’ll start to upgrade services from the beginning of January [2021] and aim to complete this by the end of February.” The free upgrade will also NOT come attached to a new contract term, which is good.

Shell Energy’s Price Q&A

Why are Shell Energy Broadband increasing their pricing?

Before now, we’ve never increased pricing for existing customers. We’re committed to ensuring that our prices are still competitive and offer great value for money. Our costs have increased and network usage has increased by 51% this past year. We’re confident that our new prices are still competitive and still offer great value for money.

How are we notifying our customers of the price change?

All affected customers will receive a letter or an email with advanced notice of our price change.

What if I am not happy with the changes made to my pricing?

We understand if you aren’t happy with these changes. You can cancel your service within 30 days of receiving our price rise notification, without an early termination charge. Please give us a call if you have any questions, or are thinking of leaving on 0333 241 9412. Our agents will be more than happy to discuss any concerns or options with you. Lines are open Monday to Friday, from 9pm to 5pm.

What about the no end of contract price rises?

We still strongly believe that your prices shouldn’t rise just because your contract is coming to an end. That’s why we’ll continue to honour our no end of contract price rises commitment. When a customer purchases a product at a discounted price, this won’t increase to the standard price at the end of the contract.

On top of this Shell Energy notes that, April 2022 onwards, charges will automatically increase by the rate of inflation. Just to be doubly clear, this price change only affects customers that signed up before 2nd September 2020 (more recent sign-ups aren’t affected).

By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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