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Unreliable Broadband, diabolical customer service, says Trustpilot Shell Energy Review

 IF YOU HAVEN’T SIGNED UP THEN DON’T! It may seem like a good deal but it really isn’t worth the stress.

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 24 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 10 December 2020.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. I recently moved to Shell Energy and they messed up my meter readings. They ignored my readings and estimated there own which are way too high.

Almost 2 months later, this is still not sorted. Constantly promising and not delivering.

Shameful company

Unreliable Broadband, diabolical customer service and £15 charge to leave when they increase the price!

Joined Shell a year ago lured in by the promised speed and tbh £75 cashback and okay reviews. I have never had the minimum speed promised and the BB has been unreliable and regularly dropped out. I did complain but got fobbed off with rubbish about moving the router etc. I decided I just had to live with it but then came lockdown. I was trying to work from home (I am a key worker) and my phone and BB just stopped working. Tried for two days to get through on the phone when finally got through explained I need phone for work and to monitor 80+ year old parents who I care for. Engineer finally arrived and fixed the problem but speed abysmal and BB still dropping out. August lost everything again couldn’t get through on phone so emailed. I had to use my phone as data hot-spot on and off all through August until finally in September I got a call from customer service who got me to connect into main socket and tested line said there was a fault and ordered an engineer visit. I then had two visits a few days apart which was unexpected. They both did different things one rewired the socket the other did something at the exchange still slow speed but BB more stable. Then got a bill for £60 + Vat as apparently there was no fault. Actually I had no BB which I would say is a fault. Anyway long story but I made a complaint and someone rang me yesterday couldn’t decide why I was charged but said it would remain but I could leave with no cancellation or cease charges (I have this in an email) but today I get an email asking why I am leaving and informing me there will be a cease charge of £15. Shambolic service, fibre BB slower and less reliable than my old Sky standard BB. Working from home has been a nightmare thanks to this company. I haven’t been able to use my company Internet phone or laptop to support my vulnerable caseload. IF YOU HAVEN’T SIGNED UP THEN DON’T! It may seem like a good deal but it really isn’t worth the stress.

Customer Services don’t know anything, Call sales

I’m in my 80’s and before my husband died in September he arranged for smart meters to be installed so that I wouldn’t have to read the meters – one of the jobs he had always done. The smart meters were installed on Tuesday 8th Dec. An hour after the engineer left I went to turn on my 4 year old electric oven form John Lewis, which I had used that morning, there was no power to it, the clock lights weren’t flashing – it had ceased to be, bereft of life, it was no more. I phoned Shell who told me to call out an electrician or a cooker expert as there was nothing they could do – apparently it was a coincidence that in the 2 hours their engineer was here changing my old electric meter for a new smart one my electric oven ceased to be. If your with Shell, or are considering going with Shell or having a smart meter installed can I suggest you think again. Customer services have one response “it isn’t our problem ….no you can’t speak to a supervisor none are available”. There was nothing wrong with my oven when I let the engineer into my house, but it didn’t work after he left. When my daughter phoned and spoke to the sales team because the wait for customer services was too long, a gentleman there spoke to the metering department who said it might have been a power surge that took out the oven and suggested I phone 105 to speak to my local electicity network who would send out an engineer to look at it. My other daughter is coming tomorrow – I’ll get her to do it. Why wouldn’t the Customer Services team know to do this – instead they tell me to go to the expense of calling out an electrician. Shell Customer Services aren’t worth the phone call – phone the sales team

Poor Service

I have just received an email regarding my meters not being able to be read by yourself. I will not be reading my own meter due to location and the fact the new meters were installed by shell 4 weeks ago. I find this hard to believe you asking me to do this as I have been complaining to you a week after the meters were installed saying they were not working. I am not at all happy and have raised a formal complaint. If this can’t be resolved soon I will be moving my account to another supplier at no cost to myself due to the poor service from shell. I hear by give you 14 days notice for a fix or my account will be moved.

Would not switch

I switched to Shell Energy having used a price comparison site where they came out cheapest. I had put my energy usage figures in to the comparison site. The monthly amount they quoted went up by £30 a month after on 2 months with Shell and now is far more expensive than my previous gas and electricity supplier. I would not have switched if they didn’t give a LIE of a figure on the quote. They can’t connect to previous companies smart meter and said they will install a new one, but when? They don’t get back to me?

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