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Trustpilot Review: Shell Energy “Worst company ever”

“Worst company ever, can’t get through on the phone just gets cut off after an hour wait, still waiting for a call back from a manager this Monday what a complete joke…”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted on 15 November 2020.

Sent debt collectors round for a bill…

Sent debt collectors round for a bill that was paid, causing undue stress and anxiety


Terrible. Avoid. Terrible customer service (when you can actually get through), online doesn’t ever work, account issues constantly. Terrible

34 min queue to get hold of customer…

34 min queue to get hold of customer services. They hung up on me for no reason.

Sales dept answered in 52 seconds. Also rubbish.

Cheap energy prices but terrible, terrible service. They were much better when they were First Utility. Avoid.

Worst company ever

Worst company ever , can’t get through on the phone just gets cut off after an hour wait , still waiting for a call back from a manager this Monday what a complete joke having to chase them for credit which I have been waiting over 5 weeks for them to tell me on Monday there colleague made an error now I have to wait another 20days for them to give credit back after taking money out off account which they were not meant to as I had already paid my last bill and it was closed off for them to do fraud an take money out off my account months later what kind off company is this.

Terrible service

They take forever to pick up the phone. They put to on hold after literally every single question. While you are on hold, they will cut your call so you have to start all over again. This happened after being on the phone for TWO HOURS for someone just to tell me I had to ring the UK Power Network, which, by the way, I did and I was told that they must have misunderstood because the issue was something only Shell Energy has to deal with, not them. So after 2 hours on hold with Shell, I am given the wrong instructions, I call again, someone disconnects my call after waiting again for 20 minutes, and people can’t answer questions and do anything without having to put you on hold every second to double check with someone else. Can’t they just put someone who knows what they are doing on the phone? I will be changing my Energy Provider as soon as I can.

UPDATE: after 3h30mins on the phone, I am still waiting for my issue to be resolved. I ended up pressing the “call me back” option. We’ll see how many weeks it takes them to actually get back to me.

Either incompetent or dishonest…

Either incompetent or dishonest company. Never able to talk about any issues on the phone. 6 calls on hold for over an hour each time till they eventually hang up. No response to emails in the last 28 days. Last time they were my energy provider was nov 19! I submitted final meter readings and received a final bill which was paid. However It was then disputed, and I forwarded them time stamped photos I had taken of the meters on our last day in the property.

This was accepted, a credit check was issued and I thought we were done. However Oct 20! I have received demands from them at my old forwarding address for further payment.


Stupidly switched to shell energy after a salesmen at my door fed me a load of lies about how he could save me money, I never usually answer the door to them and regret doing it that day. They promised a smart meter which I am still waiting for a year later. Agreed on a direct debit amount of £100 a month only to be told they now want to double that. Customer service is disgusting and nobody knows what they’re talking about, registered a complaint but they don’t deal with complaints and a third party has to deal with it. Will be leaving as soon as I have paid off my ridiculous debt with them!



Switched to them last year on an agreed monthly direct debit amount. After a few months they increased the DD by £27 without consultation. The account was a couple of hundred in credit so contacted them and they immediately agreed to reduce back to the original amount without even checking so it was a ‘try on’. two months later they are still deducting the increased amount and their ‘live chat’ and telephone contact is hopeless – simply not answered. Expect more from a multinational like Shell – they’re carrying on like a minnow, new start up energy company. Will revert back to Octopus Energy next year.

I recently sent Shell energy an email…

I recently sent Shell energy the following email:

“I wish to bring to your attention that you are charging the “Day Rate tariff” to my “Night Rate” readings and vice-versa. You are charging the “Day Rate tariff ” to “Register 01” [ie. the LOW Rate] and the “Night Rate tariff” to “register 02” [ie. the NORMAL Rate]. The attached photos clearly show a sticker attached to the meter stating… “Rate 1 = LOW, and Rate 2 = NORMAL”.

When I supplied you with the initial readings you asked for “Register 1” readings and “Register 2” readings, which I supplied. Please see attached photos of the meter showing the opening readings. Unfortunately, the online portal didn’t distinguish between Day Rate and Night Rate or Low Rate and Normal Rate. It just asked for Register 01 and register 02. The preamble did suggest that a distinction would be made between Night and Day rates when entering the initial readings, but this didn’t actually happen. I queried this lack of direction with one of your colleagues who said… “Oh, I think register 01 is the Night Rate, which it is, on my meter. But that’s not how you are charging me.

The outcome is that you are undercharging my electricity account.

I shall be most grateful if you would correct your error at your earliest convenience before the under charging becomes significant.

Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.”

I have received neither a resolution to the issue or an acknowledgment of my email.

Not happy that this company very unprofessional

Not happy that this company as they have tried to belittle me in this way by stating I’m not on the Electoral Role which is a lie I’ve been on it for decades in my local town. I hold credit cards & have never been in debt in my entire life. I set up new account & they stated my application was not successful due to not being on the Electoral role. & wanted me to pay a deposit of £300.00 pounds to open an account, how disgusting is that. I received emails stating verify your account but it doesn’t work. It would be so obvious that we are moving from our present supplier & they’ve collected what is clearly owed on our contract what is Shells problem. British gas closed our last accounts down when we moved to our present address & now they are saying we owe them money, I’m lost for words as they closed our account down at our previous property & we then continued with British Gas Until we found a cheaper supplier. Now we are getting all this grief.

Disgusting customer service!

No reply to negative reviews?

“Pooja” hits a button and sends a standard reply to 5* positive reviews, but there’s no response to negative reviews?
I considered switching to Shell Energy because it’s being promoted by Martin Lewis website
MSE website advises to check with Shell Energy to see if I qualify for Warm Home Discount ( Broader Group) BEFORE switching
I qualify with my current service provider
My question is a simple one…
If for any reason I’m not accepted for Warm Home Discount can I switch away without the £30 exit fee?
I’ve spent time going round in circles with a “ bot”, position 24 in a queue for a “chat” , and I’m waiting for a call back
I consider this a test of the customer service response time for a prospective new customer
It’s not looking good far!

Stay clear

Horrendous. Daughter at Uni needed Gas Electricity and Broadband – we found Shell in the top 5 on comparison sites so signed up. Continual alleged problems with Gas and Electric switchover from previous supplier although previous supplier said there was no problem. Try phoning them and expect to wait between 45 mins and an hour to get through. Had to phone several times which resulted in costing me £30 in phonecalls. Ended up going back to previous gas and electricity supplier and signing up with them – easy process and they answer the phone within 5 mins – wish we’d done that in the first place. Broadband is ok but they even sent the router to the wrong address. Steer clear. LOTS of bad reviews.

Not even connected with them yet…

So far I have asked to join there Broadband service as they had an offer on for the G.Fast in my area.

First sign-up online I got a completion page with an order number. But knowing that it’s all digital, i’ll receive an email.. Nothing… closer to the two week connection date I rang to make sure. They hadn’t even got any details on file!! Not a damn thing. I hung up and registered again keeping the NEW order number. This time an email came through, and i had a new connection date.. fantastic!

Couple of days later, I get a call saying the connection date can’t be met. So I organised a second date (3 days later from the first date).
Then a couple of days later from that I get an email saying it’s changed AGAIN!! to 30th Nov another weeks after the second date…
I logged into my account to find i have a “Cancelled Service” status next to my order… oh .. well done shell.. well done indeed… are these just prats employed in this company or what.. I get no true answers from them, no reason to the delays. I wonder if im now doing the right thing in trying one last time with them or go with V media, as these guys can’t even dress themselves.

Shouldn’t be allowed to Trade

This disgusting company have been harrassing me for over two years for payment of gas from a meter that was replaced and not ever signed off . Even though I’ve never had (or will) have an account with them . The bill they chase me for is either to the occupier or to park lodge freeholders . Now we have called , waited for hours to be passed around to different departments to get absolutely nowhere . Then finally it’s taken two years I manage (through a lot of stressful emails and phone calls ) to get them to send an engineer out to the property to do a burns test . This was at the beginning of October . The engineer clearly told us that the meter was an old meter that had been replaced but had never been signed off . He told us don’t worry I will write the report and it will go straight to shell , well it’s now half way through nov and nothing . Where’s the report ? Why’s it not been dealt with ? So I complain again , I send them all the pics of the bills we have paid to our ACTUAL supplier . Send pic of our meter which clearly shows that the meter they are trying to charge us for is an old out of date (by years) meter . So what do shell do (Marian) , they don’t even bother to read any of the notes or pics and say oh we will send an engineer around to the property in nov to do a burns test . We’ve just been going round and round in circles whilst they still demand payment from us . Now why would anyone pay two suppliers for the same gas ? This has got to be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with . Customer service is appalling , telephone contact centre is appalling and the customer resolutions are not the slightest bit interested . Don’t use these people. They are vile.

Very bad experience still not received…

Very bad experience still not received my Google hub after 8 weeks

This was the second day of annual leave…

This was the second day of annual leave I have wasted waiting for an engineer. I rang 4 times and each time told the engineer was coming, apart from the last time when I was told there was not an engineer assigned to my job. Useless. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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