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Trustpilot reviews on terrible customer service from Shell Energy

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted on 03 November 2020.


Terrible – please don’t switch to these guys. It has been a nightmare and they charge everyone a £15 cease charge to leave even once your contract has ended. My internet is so poor in my living room even with a repeater that I cannot FaceTime.

Shell energy worst customers service.

Shell energy worst customers service. Never trust them.

Customer service are disgusting and you…

Customer service are disgusting and you could wait in the queue for hours and then you get disconnect very bad experience.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. They are impossible to contact. My email address changed three months ago but there is nowhere on their site to update it. I clicked on ‘contact’ and all I got was a bot. I asked it how to change my email address and it redirected me to where you change your phone number. Against email address it says to contact them to update it. Clicking contact takes you back to the bot again. Round in circles. After three months of trying, I was finally placed in a queue to speak a real living human being! I started at 99 in the queue and after more than an hour I was down to position 12 then came the message “reconnecting” and I was dropped from the queue. I’ve given up now. I’m going to change supplier at the end of my contract. The two or three quid I saved compared to other suppliers just isn’t worth dealing with their non-existent customer service.

Absoloute Rubbish

Ongoing issues since June 2020, which include or have included, ping spikes >8000ms, speeds drops <0.5Mbps, DSL drop to the router etc etc (tests either done via the router interface or using a cabled connection). Sent in plenty of proof and their internal notes (obtained under a SAR request) from their very own broadband team include saying “constant errors”, yet Dan from the executive complaints team thinks it’s as simple as the engineer that tested the line to have no faults so there can’t be an issue, what about the broadband equipment in the exchange or perhaps over subscribing?? There doesn’t always have to be a line fault to have broadband issues!!!!

Absolute jokers! Can’t wait to be rid of them

I contacted customer service

I contacted customer service – billing department for Shell Broadband for a potential phone line fault or phone line upgrade which have resulted GBP200+ bills being charged.

I don’t feel that customer service was trying to help with the situation. Had I not insisted I wanted a technical engineer be involved to confirm if there is a fault / upgrade, I would have been brushed away in the first instance.

Basically I don’t think it is correct for customer service to come to a possible conclusion without having investigated the possible technical issue/upgrade without involving an engineer.

Resolution only after Ombudsman case raised – Greenstar To Shell

They were not capable of migrating me over correctly from Greenstar in April 2020 and it has taken them until now (6 months) to sort out and only after I opened an Ombudsman case. This was raised after multiple attempts to resolve with them directly – emails, webchat, calls – were ignored.

Nobody wants to complain if they can help it, but complete lack of customer service and aggressive payment reminders necessitated mine.

To anyone experiencing poor service from Shell: Don’t be afraid to formally raise a complaint with Shell at the first whiff of any incompetence from them as it will set the timeline to escalate to the Energy Ombudsman if necessary, especially if you feel you are not getting anywhere. 8 weeks may sound like ample time for a company to resolve a query but do not take this for granted! Also, note, save, record all communication with them as it will help in the long run. For example, at the end of a web chat ask for a ticket reference and note time and date and name. In my case, the transcript submitted to the Ombudsman very clearly stated they had the all details and information needed to solve my issue yet they sent me a collections demand for the very same later down the line.

Shell has to pay a fee for every case reviewed by the Ombudsman so you would of thought a bit of effort would go into attempting to sort issues out proactively. Evidently 56 days was not enough time for them to allocate a payment. Instead, further time and effort was spent via dispute resolution. Even during this process Shell made every effort to drag it out. By doing this, it just further evidenced their lack of integrity.

While my outcome means I will receive a letter of apology, compensation and the removal of the exit fees, the main thing is I can finally leave them. The imaginary debt they thought I owed them meant they objected and blocked my attempts to transfer provider. Shell also (unsuccessfully) appealed the decision to uphold my request to remove the exit fees which amounted to £60.

Any prior Greenstar customer unhappy with the service from Shell, please note your tariffs remained the same but your contract was with Greenstar. If you are considering leaving, do not hesitate to ask Shell to agree the removal of the exit fees before switching.

Anyone thinking of contractually joining Shell, please note that many other energy providers do not have exit fees now, so take that into consideration. Should you have need to contact them and experience their customer service, you will be so appalled, end up regretting it, and will want to leave! It’s not just about the tariffs, if that’s what’s drawing you in.

First impressions is everything as is some form of customer engagement. Following up and acting on queries properly, promptly and in a consistent manner is a basic customer service competency. Your teams are clearly lacking in this, therefore reviewing your recruitment and training strategy is advisable. If your staff are able to respond to an email that would be a start

Soon is not soon enough for me to leave Shell, but if they had resolved at the start, more than likely I would of remained an unwitting customer. The fixed rate I had was until 2022, now their loss is Octopus Energy’s gain!

I have yet to see if they are capable of issuing correctly my final bill so watch this space. Every one I’ve had so far has been accompanied by an inappropriate collections demand.


I have recently joined Shell for my energy ( electricity & Gas ) coming from Avro only because Shell according to Uswitch should save me around £200 annually? I NEVER had one issue with Avro’s customer service agents whom were all very polite and helpful when needed!
I had several problems activating my Shell energy account so contacted Shell energy via phone. I was told there was an issue with the link initially so was told to try again. The second time it still did not work so called the customer service number again for help. I can honestly say i am appalled by the very poor customer service if that’s what you call it….being transfered to the same person 6 times over a 45 minute period who insisted he could not help then put me back through to the same people and department i originally spoke to.
3 times i spoke to the same female agent and then 3 different other agents … the female customer “service” agent was extremely unhelpful and damn rude ending the call on 2 occasions so i gave up in the end and eventually sorted the issue myself. I wasted over 45 minutes of my day and was treated appallingly especially for a new customer! The other 3 agents too put me through to the same agent who had transferred me back and forth during this 45 minute period.
I didn’t even have the chance to explain before the call was either transfered or ended twice which was no mistake!! I am always patient and polite because there is no point getting angry with staff no matter what the business! I gave meter readings to Shell also as per their request and have still not received my credit balance back after leaving Avro …why? Avro have told me several times now that they have requested those meter readings but only received the gas reading so were waiting for the electricity meter reading from Shell to close my account and refund my credit. Finally after several weeks and calls an Avro customer service agent got it sorted which should not have had to happen after yet again a Shell customer service agent during my explanation of the issue again ended my call. This was no coincidence happening several times! If this is only the start then I’m in for a bumpy ride it seems. Terrible service!!

Very poor customer service

Very poor customer service. I switched a month ago and I am already regretting it. My meters are showing as smart meters but I don’t have a smart meter. This prevents me.from submitting meter readings. I have to submit them through live chat which takes a long time due to queues. I have asked them to fix this 4 times and still not fixed. Do yourself a favour and avoid if you value customer service.

No content filter option!

Don’t go there if you want to have control over what comes into your house as Shells offers no content filtering. And if you want to leave Shell because they are potentially endangering the wellbeing of your children – they don’t care and make you pay for it!

Been a customer for just over a week…

Been a customer for just over a week now. Changed due to the very bad customer service at N-power.
After receiving 134 messages on my smart meter all saying ‘welcome to shell energy’ -and after taking lots of my time to delete them – they then send 4 more at a time !!! – I thought I would make a quick call to them to resolve this – but no- after a very long wait ,I was given the call back option – it said I would not loose my place in the queue ! – there must be many complaints, that was 1pm yesterday and I am still waiting for the call-back at 1pm the next day !!! Tried to call again today, but after 24 minutes I got an answer from someone who said she couldn’t help me!!! -and put me through to another ‘branch’ – i gave up after a 1 hour wait on hold – no call back option, and even with my ‘phone on full volume their ‘hold message and ‘music’ are just about audible if you are in total silence! – 5 complaints after being a new customer for less than 2 weeks – at least I was with N-Power 25 years before their service went bad!

Failing to get through to anyone at…

Failing to get through to anyone at Shell Energy.
Have moved house and trying to transfer account to my new address, surely a routine request but have been on hold for over hour yesterday before I gave up, now over 30 minutes today. Virtual assistant useless
On line chat another hour of my life I won’t get back. Seems every day the volume if calls is higher than usual, not my problem.

terrible customer service

Shell energy has given me so much stress . Its customer servise is terrible. I moved to my house last year on April I asked them to open online account for me to pay for the bills it took 3 months to access to my account when I wanted to submit meters reading there was problem with meter reading and i was not able to submit it I called them and emailed them to sort it out but after one year I still have this problem because my account isnot accepting numbers on the meters though i called them and emailed them to solve this problem still nothing from them . I wanted to switch to smart meter due to this problem their engineer came to my house and told me I am not able to access to the box of meters and left I called previous supplier which is Scottish power and they said its not our responsibity anymore . And shell energy send me a bill with sum of £1,065.86 today just based on their estimation its awful I am sure I havent use that much energy even its half even during winter most of the time my house heaters were off i have just 1 bedroom and I am alone . I have already depression this is giving me too much stress. today I called them and no changing . maybe moving this house can sort this out. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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