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Trustpilot Reviews on Shell Energy: Terrible, Appalling, Awful, Worst company I have ever dealt with…

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted 29 Oct 2020.

Still awaiting call back been on hold…

Still awaiting call back been on hold 27 mins so far terrible customer service

Thanks for your patience we be with you soon my a r s e.

literally the worst experience i have…

literally the worst experience i have had in getting through to getting help about migrating an electricity account.

Absolutely appalling service

Absolutely appalling service. Waited for long time to reach an advisor only to be transferred to a customer services. Waited for extra 25mins with no response only for the call to be automatically cut. Happy to cancel my services and give to provider who deserves it.



An absolute mistake going with this…

An absolute mistake going with this lot. Liars from the doorstep salesman. An awful experience and we’re not even supplied yet. Good lord. I can’t wait to pay £100 to get away already.

Been trying to get a complaint dealt…

Been trying to get a complaint dealt with for weeks. Very hard to get in contact with anyone and false promises made at every step in the process.

Hold money that isnt theirs !

Having ‘left’ Shell Energy on the 30th Aug Im still struggling to find out why I still have recieved a final bill?
Trying to communicate to this Company is none existent unless your a new customer looking to join!
Having final got through to a chat advisor I was assured that my bill would be ammended ( as I have still been being charged for Gas that was capped off in March) and a final bill produced within 10 days. It is now 11 days later and still nothing has been done at all! I am also over £159 in credit before the refund of gas that I havent used! No one communicates, they reply but actually tell you nothing! Unprofessional and keep money that simply isnt theres!

Worst company i have ever dealt with

Worst company i have ever dealt with, was previously with green star energy, then they where taken over by shell energy and thats when all the problems started. Apparently 2 people at work all day can use over £1000 pounds of electric in 10 weeks??. Disputed there claims and proven to them that the eletric meter readings they had was wrong and still they say i owe this money. If i could rate them at negative star i would. Customer service is none existent and your on hold forever. Told they was looking in to the matter and account on hold until the dispute was sorted and now got letter from debt collection agency, they never give you any feedback on the outcomes and ignore emails. I have lost count of the emails and photos evidence sent of meter readings and phone call, just waste of time. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Now with Npower and my electric bill for last 2 months £52 and already £9 in credit
I have no problem paying this bill if it was correct, they have already had £326 of payments for the electric used in 12 weeks. They cannot even get the bill correct, it gone from £695 to £726 to £785???

Useless online chat system

I have made many attempts to contact shellenergy on line chat , waiting for up to an hour last night then gave up. Tried again this morning got connected after 40 mins, asked how to change router password as their online instructions didn’t work. Operator Alissa said she would transfer my chat to broadband, then cut me off! Chat ended. I rated her as ‘bad’ rating came back as ‘good’. My security issue is unresolved. I would not recommend this company at all.

New customer (disgusted)

New customer, all set up fine direct debit set up on day required or it would seem to have it taken ealry on the 28th not the first of every month as stated also 44p a day standing charge on direct debit electricity almost double all other providers and Not what was quoted along with the yearly cost almost £400 more avoid this company at all costs staff were un helpful and dismissed concern even when I have it in black and white email within 14 day cooling off period and still told I’d haft to pay£100 to leave absolutely disgusting company given current times I would avoid indefinitely.

Give me Hudson enery back please!

We got moved from Hudson energy over to Shell, while with Hudson we paid £99 pcm without ever going over our projected bill & now all of a sudden we’re alomst £400 debit and price increased to £138 pcm! I find their customer service usless and once I get Christmas out of the way I will pay what we owe and move away from Shell. Oh not to meniton them trying to force so called smart meters on us!

Shell should be given 0 star or…

Shell should be given 0 star or negative if possible. Everythine you try to call, be awre to wait 60 mins, then someone picks up, then transfer you to another department for waiting another 60mins. Sending email did not get any reply neither. Stay away from this FXXX!! The companry may copy and paste the usual PR CXAP below my review. Trust me, it does not work. My problem has been ongoing for more than 8 weeks, no one seems to answer the phone or on email. STAY AWAY AND DO NOT TRUST THIS RUBBIXX FOR A SINGLE SECOND>.

My account is in credit but this…

My account is in credit but this company has chosen to increase my direct debit from £50 to £162 per month withouth telling me. Had to spend over half an hour on the phone only to be transferred to another department and yet another long wait. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.

Failed to put right their error again!!!

After speaking g to the Shell complaints line I was offered no apology for one of their unscrupulous cold callers transferring my Mum to a more expensive electricity tariff. During the process he arranged paperless billing even though she doesn’t have internet or access to a network. Probably covering up the misspelling practice. I was assured they would arrange paper copies but no surprise it hasn’t happened. Complete incompetence by a corrupt and unprofessional company.

Online Chat is rubbish

I have account queries and upon using the online chat I was in queue position 60 which is ridiculous, can’t say I have ever been in a queue this big before. I stayed in the queue and after 5 minutes I lost connection. I tried again and was then number 69 in the queue and I patiently waited right up until queue position number 1 (30 mins waiting) and then the chat just ended by its self. Then it put me back in the queue at position number 85. How frustrating!!!

Worse energy company I’ve dealt with

I have to say the worst energy company I have ever had to deal with. Completed a switch and never heard anything. Contacted them and I didn’t deal with one helpful person over the phone, and kept getting passed about where no one could really help and got fobbed off. Had to do the switch again to again no response and going around in circles again. Fast forward two weeks and I gave up, contact via email no reply, contact via Facebook was good at first then it took a day between reply’s apart from the very end when I said I had enough and to cancel all together. Will never use shell energy ever again, what a waste of my time and a waste of two weeks of no switch. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.


I didn’t know who supplied the energy at my property when my tenant moved out; no helpful card or letter received from Shell Energy. I had to go through online search engines.
I queued on the phone for nearly an hour to open an account and then got cut off. I queued again for nearly an hour and managed to open an account. On both of those calls Shell Energy told me that I could settle my account when I sold the house or re-let it but that I couldn’t put a credit amount on my account at the start. Within a few weeks I started to receive texts chasing payment; when I called (and queued again) to query this I was told that the bailiffs could be delayed if I paid the standing charges (no energy was being used in the empty property). This was just the start of dealing with Shell Energy… LOTS has happened in between but now I’m struggling to close my account… A very difficult company to deal with!!!

Nightmare trying to transfer to Shell…

Nightmare trying to transfer to Shell Energy via compare the market. All seemed to start well. Signed up for online and downloaded the app. Then the trouble started. Daily emails telling me to provide meter readings with link to account. The link takes you to your account but all greyed out and no way to provide readings. Two 35 minute session on there help line to get the meter readings on. And still no access to online account. Rubbish.

Complete transfer mess

Transfer from company that has ceased trading complete mess…. They said they would contact if needed more information; didnt; claimed they could not transfer as information on central database incorrect (despite having changed suppliers previously); then email saying transfer possible; when I contacted them, no response. Complete mess

Impossible to find customer services

Impossible to find customer services – possibly most useless chat bot in world ..ask it about changing your DD amount.

Clearly shell trying to strip out all costs – come back FIRSTUTILITY and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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