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Trust Pilot Reviews on Shell Broadband: oversubscribed / congested

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted 24 Oct 2020.

Impossible to find customer services

Impossible to find customer services – possibly most useless chat bot in world ..ask it about changing your DD amount.

Clearly shell trying to strip out all costs – come back FIRSTUTILITY

Was with First Utility who were a discrace

Was with First Utility who were a dreadfull company anyway and then it was bought over by this terrible company. After notifying them i had left my old property and being told the account was closed i recived a debt collection letter 2 years later at my old address for bills that had been unpaid. This was not possible as when i was with them i had a prepaid meter. The customer service from the call centre staff was laughable. I was hung up on. Despite me doing everything correct when leaving the old property and entering the new one and joining a new provider (Bulb, Who are amazing) they needed me to prove i had left the old property. i Spent a totaly of 5 hours in one day trying to have this resolved.

Had been with First Utility until taken…

Had been with First Utility until taken over by Shell, good company UK call centre very responsive, on the basis of the service and stability of pricing signed up for a 2 years on a fixed price.

Once Shell had taken over asked for more money despite fixed price up by £30per month cant speak with the UK call centre now dealing some foreign call centre who fob you off and keep you hanging on the line 20 minutes at your expense will change supplier at the end of the contact 4/21 avoid this company at all costs you have been warned utterly useless!

Been trying to leave for SSE for 3…

Been trying to leave for SSE for 3 months but they are totally ignoring me and won’t let it happen. SSE have even tried contacting them but they just ignore everything. Not even sure how this is legal! Avoid this company at all costs.

Update…Day 60

Day 60

No change….still no answers or information from Shell despite the section on their website which says “we take all complaints very seriously”….they don’t !!!.

Don’t do it folks….don’t use them. 60 days of no response.

very poor service!!!!

very poor service!!!!!
i am very dissappointed with the shell broadband . i complained that i am not getting the speed i am paying for as i am paying extra for fibre and i want to cancel the contract as i never had any issues with previous provider . they sent me engineer which i said i will not pay rather i will cancel my contract not only they sent him but also charged me for hos visit.. when called to remove the charges they said it will remain!!! WTH avoide them poir customer service.

Rubbish is an understatement

It has by far got to be the worst ISP. Intermittent and slow broadband, rubbish customer service, take 30mins+ to answer a phone call by an advisor who isn’t trained very well.

They clearly don’t understand oversubscribed / congested network can cause slow speeds, all they do is quote the sync speed on the router and think all is well.

Even at executive complaint level they try and get out of accepting their broadband is load of rubbish, best one was when they said their tests were “inconclusive” but they took that to mean nothing is wrong. Also they think slow speeds always mean a line fault would show, do you not think a congested network with many people working from home woild have the same effect???

The case file to the ombudsman says they reckon it’s all working well, clearly the case handler hasn’t read the notes he’s screenprinted from their system where it says they have found numerous disconnections, constant errors and sync issues. If they don’t consider that to be an issue then what is?????

Problem after problem switching to Shell

Problem after problem switching to Shell. Their customer service is terrible, they dont answer emails and it takes about 25 minutes to get through on the phone. Avoid at all costs !!!

The worst company I have had to deal…

The worst company I have had to deal with from start to finish – never able to speak to anyone, get cut off and did not resolve problems with our electric meter that was faulty and they did not understand there own billing – credits/debits complete mess… Involved the Ombudsman and still they still did not do what they were told to do by the ombudsman – worst communication from start to finish – have changed supplier to Octopus whom have excellent customer service. Had to award a star as unable to write a review but would definitely give a minus 10

Bad experience stopping a transfer to this company

Have had a bad experience with this company. Used a comparison site which showed Shell Energy was cheapest. Clicked through to continue but when shown the unit costs, they were higher than the monthly prices shown on the comparisons. Emailed the company immediately saying didn’t want to transfer. Got no acknowledgement, so wrote a letter. Shell Energy are still trying to take over the supplies. Contacted Shell Energy by phone Monday, on phone 1 hour. Spoke to 2 people but it was not resolved and call was put on hold, but no-one came back on the line. Sent additional emails Monday and Tuesday, and Shell Energy say it will take 38 days for the issue to be resolved. Yesterday got another email asking for meter readings. Still waiting for confirmation that taking over supply transaction is stopped . Very stressful and unhappy, so would not recommend.

Shocking customer service

Shocking customer service. Nearly 2 months and still waiting for my fuel reward voucher for switching. Constant emails , telephone calls and never get an answer or a response that is actually any help.

Don’t try and leave shell energy !!!! complaint num 6708268

Don’t try and leave shell energy !!!!! they make it impossible.. i am still waiting 14 weeks after leaving them for my final bill ..they owe me money but don’t wish to pay.. they are underhand .they lie, they don’t answer the phone .. they never respond to their own website promptly ..I am still waiting 8 days and counting for a reply… avoid at all costs.

Shell Energy are an absolute disgrace

Shell Energy are an absolute disgrace. They just respond with robotic responses for a complaint and never the same person. Took a month for a reply and after two months still getting robotic responses to my complaint. Why cant they ring me or provide a contact number to actually speak to someone.

Day 58..Shell “comedy of errors”

Day 58….An update….

Kindly scroll back to read the ongoing debacle which is shell !!!!!

I last posted on day 54. One of my great complaints is how they just ignore you. As you can see Shell have replied to subsequent posts but decided to not reply to one lasting 58 days now. I cannot tell you just how bad they are.

So the latest update is pretty similar…they haven’t responded. We have completed an application for county court proceedings and requested an address for service and named respondent but as you guessed….its gone remarkably quiet. ‘Stefan’ is the latest one to disappear so we await contact number 25 in this long running debacle.

For those of you in any doubt as to just how bad they are i have decided to now do a daily update on shells progress so you may all see for yourself the rate of progress and attention they give it.

Stay tuned for tomorrows episode folks although i doubt there will be anything to report. All im asking is an address for service of county court papers !!!!!!!!! and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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