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Trustpilot Reviews of Shell Energy Customer Service: disgrace, shambolic, dreadful, appalling etc

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 20 Oct 2020.

Shell Energy are an absolute disgrace

Shell Energy are an absolute disgrace. They just respond with robotic responses for a complaint and never the same person. Took a month for a reply and after two months still getting robotic responses to my complaint. Why cant they ring me or provide a contact number to actually speak to someone.

On hold twice for over 30 minutes each…

On hold twice for over 30 minutes each time. When I told then I would like to cancel as I’m within my 14days 3 times I was put through to someone from a different department. It’s almost as if its so you just give up and stay with them. Wonder how quick they will answer if you setting up your energy with them. Still on hold now let’s see how long for

Don’t try and leave shell energy !!!! complaint num 6708268

Don’t try and leave shell energy !!!!! they make it impossible.. i am still waiting 14 weeks after leaving them for my final bill ..they owe me money but don’t wish to pay.. they are underhand .they lie, they don’t answer the phone .. they never respond to their own website promptly ..I am still waiting 8 days and counting for a reply… avoid at all costs.

Very slow response with smart meter…

Very slow response with smart meter problems. Asks me to send meter readings when the meter is not working.
I am a new customer to Shell Energy and so far not impressed.

Day 58..Shell “comedy of errors”

Day 58….An update….

Kindly scroll back to read the ongoing debacle which is shell !!!!!

I last posted on day 54. One of my great complaints is how they just ignore you. As you can see Shell have replied to subsequent posts but decided to not reply to one lasting 58 days now. I cannot tell you just how bad they are.

So the latest update is pretty similar…they haven’t responded. We have completed an application for county court proceedings and requested an address for service and named respondent but as you guessed….its gone remarkably quiet. ‘Stefan’ is the latest one to disappear so we await contact number 25 in this long running debacle.

For those of you in any doubt as to just how bad they are i have decided to now do a daily update on shells progress so you may all see for yourself the rate of progress and attention they give it.

Stay tuned for tomorrows episode folks although i doubt there will be anything to report. All im asking is an address for service of county court papers !!!!!!!!!!

Phone Unusable-Broadband fast as Dial-Up Modem Customer Service Impatient and Slow

I have recently changed from Virgin to Shell Energy.
The internet download speed is 10.75Mbps which in this day and age is like going back to using a dial-up modem and the router is scarcely good enough to talk to my tv in the next room, let alone anything trying to connect upstairs.
While we are on the subject of calling, my landline only worked for three days before it lapsed into silence.
No dialling code or crackling on the line.
After waiting for ages on their helpline I was asked to press button 1 and they would call me back.
Half an hour later my mobile phone gave two rings before it stopped, not allowing me a chance to answer. Five minutes later it did exactly the same thing.
My father is 94 years old and this company seem to have modelled themselves on Virgin Media which gave disgusting service.
I set up the router for my father because the Openreach engineer had ‘had a hard day’ and did not seem willing.
To add insult to injury Shell have resold a nasty TalkTalk internet package so 4K movie streaming is going to be unlikely.
We are both extremely dissatisfied and feel cheated.

Dreadful customer service

I have tried twice now to switch over. The first time I was so put off by the hour long waiting time I was put through to speak to someone, then to be messed about by some guy who told me I had to cancel my contract to get onto a better and longer tariff. So when I cancelled and did as he said the original tariff I wanted wasn’t available and he wanted to get me onto one £30 EXTRA a month!! From c£60 p/m to over c£90 p/m. I was GOBSMACKED.
I said no thanks, and went back to Compare the Market who found the original deal I wanted that I was told was no longer available.

So signed back up for the better deal. I was also told someone would call me regarding getting a smart meter installed.
A week later – the same guy who tried to rip me off called me to discuss my new account – I wasn’t going to speak to him. I am afraid I don’t take kindly to people trying to rip me off. I wasn’t rude, but I was to the point. He hung up on me.

I am now waiting for someone else to call me back – having made several attempts to call and get through to them myself, and never actually getting to speak to anyone, because funnily enough I don’t have all the time in the world to sit around on hold to utilities companies.

Such a frustrating and painfully time consuming experience. Avoid if you value your sanity!

Broadband not the issue

Broadband not the issue. The problem is their customer service. The admitted a fault with their bill but rather than correct their mistake they expect customer to pay it anyway months later threats of being disconnected every day countless phone calls emails. Same promises every time never solved. Sick to death of them. Shame no stars wasn’t an option.

Shell is still taking money from me…

Shell is still taking money from me even though i switched to another energy provider since april. It has been 6 months of overpayments. This mistake is costing me hundreds of pounds. Until they refund me my overpayment, i am not removing this review.

The Worst Broadband

We are 2 weeks in with Shell Broadband and I wish we had never signed up. Their internet constantly drops out (if using facetime/ wifi calling you will get cut off which actually happened on the call to them). Speeds are averaging 1-3 mbps not the 35 mbps promised, despite having no problems with other providers and being signed up to faster fibre also. Customer service non existant, no attempt to fix just bully you by saying an engineer can be called but you will be charged £120 if not their fault- how is this proved & thats so much money to risk. They are not simply not providing the service and need to be reported. Don’t sign up and spread the word.

Poor broadband and customer service

Just changed my broadband to ShellEnergy and experienced my first connection with customer service. I was only getting around 1.5 – 2.00 mbps, less than a fifth of what I got from my previous provider. After a while on the phone, I eventually connected with an agent, about 4.10 and they close at 4.00. She kept saying she couldn’t hear me and then said she was ending the call, which a friend who works in a call centre said is the usual way of getting rid of a customer and going home. I just hope the call was recorded.

The last time I had such poor service was when I was with TalkTalk.

Absolutely appalling service Shell…

Absolutely appalling service Shell Energy. New gas supply to my property back in early August perfect…..then I nominated Shell Energy as supplier absolute disaster. They Switched the wrong property and two months later still No sign of a Gas Meter & No heating. Their call centre staff seem clueless, give wrong guidance and tell you anything.
Disappointing and if I could give zero stars I would.

If I could leave less than 1 star…

If I could leave less than 1 star I would. Shell did not set up our account properly when we informed them of moving into our house and we then had to chase them up after receiving no bill for months. They re-evaluate our direct debit to increasingly higher amounts despite acknowledging this is far in excess of our annual projection. Despite numerous contacts to sort this problem and complaints, we still have no resolution. Shell’s processes mean that a new person picks up our case every time to start from the beginning. They seem just as confused as us!

Rude cold callers

It’s weird because someone knocked my door unannounced earlier this week.
Not telling me who they were or who they were working for.
I noticed the lanyard around their neck
Then “ your paying to much for gas and electric “ then more questions.
I explained due to the current situation with COVID it’s not a good idea knocking people’s doors.
Totally ignored with more questions, SHELL ENERGY, I’m disappointed and shocked in your staff. Then after reading reviews there’s no chance I would consider you.

Customer service

Strongly advise anyone who is thinking of joining this awful company to stay far away from them!! You have got more luck in winning the lottery than getting an issues resolved with them! it’s a shame I can’t give them less than a Star rating! Be warned people!


Never sends emails out notifying of a new bill being prepared. Used to work pre-2020, but Shell took over.

Company unable to handle smart meters of other companies or tell you when they will be able to.

Shell Energy App is of no use other than report a meter reading …. unlike the (First Utility) App it replaced which was quite decent.

Problems reported 8 months ago, and zero progress on them. Customer services don’t even respond.

How would being charged for a service that doesn’t work make you feel?

I have an 18-month contract with Shell Broadband and moved house about 2 months ago. After about 20 phone calls and hours of waisting time on hold to Shell and 2 engineer visits, they still haven’t established a broadband connection. My next door neighbour is with BT and her connection works well.

Shell are now charging me for a service that doesn’t work or exist and I’m locked into a contract. They’ve promised multiple times to fix the problem and keep me updated – each promise has been categorically broken.

They’re going to take £88.91 via direct debit for no reason on 20th October, I’ve paid £60 for the engineer and, as the situation unfolds, they want more money for a 3rd engineer, even though I’ve met their terms and conditions (I.e. provided access on time).

Terrible customer service

They were super helpful when I moved over to them, after 3 months they tripled the amount the wanted me to pay (went from paying 30ish a month to almost 100 for a one bed flat), couldn’t get hold of anyone on the phone so used the live chat on their website and never got a response. Tried contact on Facebook- waited 7 hours for a reply, then they never replied again so I tried DMing them on twitter with my complaint, they asked me to confirm I was the account holder and never replied again. 4 weeks ago I tried to sign up for a smart meter my meter is 8.5ft from the ground and in terrible condition and I am still waiting for an email so I can book in… as soon as I can get someone on the phone I’ll be moving supplier. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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