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Trustpilot Verdict: Shell Energy a complete shambles

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 10 August 2020.

AVOID AVOID AVOID Called payment line…

AVOID AVOID AVOID Called payment line dept in Glasgow spoke to an advisor i have her first name but she wouldn’t give me her surname or put me onto her manager she threatened me with a note on my credit file for a bill I haven’t received. I received a bill on 30th July paid it on 3rd August but they saying this is another bill… All lies! I have my own server as have my own marketing dept and none of my emails are deleted from my server, there has never been an email with recent bill apart from what I’ve paid Shell so to threaten me with an outstanding balance and note on my credit file is shocking avoid this company at all costs!

Terrible customer service was on hold…

Terrible customer service was on hold for 1 hour 30 minutes to be told their payment line was down and they cannot help me after stating I needed my broadband I got passed to another line which took my payment for it not to show up on my account so had to battle it out again on the phone. Not happy and will be looking for another provider 3rd time this has happened set up several direct debits and none have been taken. Speed drops more than most

If I could give this sorry company 0…

If I could give this sorry company 0 out of ten, I would. I cannot understand for the life of me why I am unable to contact this company, despite them sending me letters regarding an outstanding account. I didn’t even know I was with Shell, o I e bothered to inform me when this horrid company took over from Green star.

I have telephone a dozen times, to be kept on hold for over28 mins, when I finally ended the call, given I am charged for the wait. I have requested called back umpteen times ( they promise ones place is saved in the queue, how long is the queue, I have been waiting over. Week) I have spoken to them in FB messenger, each time they say I am a priority …Hahahaha it’s days and nothing. The last time they said someone would call me back immediately. I am still waiting.
Don’t engage with this dreadful sorry company. The CEO Colin Cooks, put out a statement, say reviews complaining about not being able to contact the company are fake. I can assure you Mr Cooke’s, they are not!
Don’t go there guys, you will be so sorry and they are not the cheapest, nor have better deals.


I’ve had the worst experience with Shell and if you look at my other reviews they’re all positives. So far…

Okay so I joined shell in November 2019 to be told they already supply my home after the previous tenants left, and I moved in.

They told me I would be paying £93 odd a month. Expensive but I thought I can always change supplier and so close to Xmas I just wanted to be ‘safe’ I just wanted to get moved in and not mess about.

So I gave them my bank details as you do.. moving on to two months down the line I thought I would check all bills have been paid / also couldn’t remember my phone telling me I’ve paid shell (as I am with Monzo meaning my phone tells me every time a payment is made) initially I thought I must have missed the notification and assumed Shell took my first and second payment via direct debit. Only to realise they didn’t!

Me panicking (just to note I have anxiety and depression , I suffer from panic attacks) so I called THEM to find out why the money wasn’t taken…

After being on hold for a while I got through to someone back end of January 2020 anyway they confirmed the wrong sort code etc was input at their end…

Okay, so I’m now in debt and YOUR company failed to call ME? What company doesn’t call a customer to make them aware a payment has bounced. No emails or letters either may I add!! It’s almost like they forgot I was a customer but still wanted to charge me money!!

Anyway, even though I was mad with them I agreed to pay back a whopping £115 a month to slowly but surely pay off my ‘debt’
Which I’ve been paying since January until I switched to Bulb last month (JULY) which is an amazing company by the way…

So all those months I’ve made a conscious effort to pay off the debt even though it was THEIR fault

I finally switched to Bulb and Shell made zero effort to help me clear the debt. They didn’t even call me to ask if they could lower the tariff to keep my business.

Other things they’ve done wrong which some are illegal as far as I’m aware…

1/They didn’t ask for meter readings
2/ They didn’t offer me a better deal as a ‘new’ customer
3/ They didn’t send me ebills or letters telling me how much usage I’m using which is like any statement which is required. Phone companies like EE show you your usage… there’s no excuse…
4/ They input my details in wrong…
5/ The waiting times to get through to them are a joke I was on hold for 45 minutes getting transferred from the payments line to customer complaints line with a total of one hour and twenty minutes on the phone to them
6/ The customer service advisor (Lucas) who was dealing with the complaint actually agreed with the points given and even said the company has been wrong on many occasions.
7) The tariff was extortionate! I’m paying roughly half of that now with Bulb!! Robbing &@#^#^

So, due to my mental health I’ve had to ask my mental health nurse to call Shell on my behalf on loud speaker so I can hear and confirm things after passing security questions and giving my health worker authorisation to speak on my behalf.
So she can have an unbiased yet professional way of explaining and dealing with this complaint.

On my emails they say I owe them just shy of £300 on the phone they say I owe just shy of £500!! How the hell can it be that much when I only missed two months at £93 each! AND I’ve been paying it off since January!! I’m sure they make up the numbers you know…

So they can contact me to collect a debt but they can’t contact me to…

A) Make me aware my transactions bounced which also messed up my perfect credit score may I add!!

B) They couldn’t be bothered to try match the new quote from a new provider nor did they even call to see if there’s anything they can do to assist with the overall debt…

Now I understand companies charge different but I’m sorry I’m paying half of that!! HALF it’s not like it’s a fiver or a tenner…

Also, I’m pretty sure if you’ve got a customer who’s in debt to your company, you are to reduce their monthly tariff to help them pay it off ESPECIALLY WHEN IT WAS YOUR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! That’s the whole point of customer services is to HELP not HINDER!!

So after speaking to Lucas today (who was really polite and agreed with me / my health worker to be fair) he’s flagged this with the resolution team who is due to contact me within two weeks.

Even in the summer months they still charged me the same amount even though I never have the heating on / use as much gas or electric!!

I also didn’t get a contract off them. They didn’t send me any documents stipulating our agreement, expected usage or even my direct debit date. Which I’m sure is illegal when you’ve set up a direct debit… so does that mean I’m free of my debt because there’s no contract?

I will take this to the ombudsman if they don’t resolve in house. And you will not get a penny off me now for all the stress

Complete shambles

Shell energy are without doubt the worst gas and electricity supplier I’ve ever dealt with. Promise lowe prices only for them to almost double the god help you if you have to get in touch. Just had my callback after 2 weeks waiting then put on hold for over an hour. Complete shambles.

Wish I could give zero

Wish I could give zero! The worst company I have dealt with. Total frauds. Switch to one of their dual fuel accounts as I found them to be reasonable on a switching web-site. It was a fixed price so thought great I know what I am paying. Have always had fixed price accounts and have always been owed money when I left previous companies – so thought this would be no different! Oh dear… within 2 months they had more than doubled my bill, insisted on a smart metre to “back up” that suddenly my bill had more than doubled! Oh and I should mention that my son had left to go off to uni so there were less people in the house! If anyone can figure this out then great but I wouldnt touch this company. So in summary – always have been owed money from fix monthly payment accounts, switch every year (to get cashback) Shell thought my bill should be more than doubled and I would not recommend a smart metre. I did contact Shell about this many times, but they just said that thats what I was using and if I wanted someone to come out and check the equipment it would cost me… Disgrace of a company

The most appaling company I ever dealt…

The most appaling company I ever dealt with in my entire time being a customer to an energy provider. I used to be with other provider wich I had no issues with and suddenly I was informed they bought / took over them and from that moment on I had nothing but trouble with them. No understanding, no sense of reason at the end when I explained to them that I had issues with my payments due to my income they wanted to RAISE my monthly direct debit payment when I was already struggling to pay an exiting one I could afford before my income problems. I was able to communicate through their FB page but even there customer service were not helpfull and word sorry didnt help in any way for me. Terrible company and a year-ish time I had to suffer before I was able to switch to another provider. Avoid by all means!


Shell salesman knocked on my door, offering me a cheaper tariff compared to what i was already on plus Amazon vouchers .

The tariff he offered me appeared competitive and he confirmed that the the standing charge for gas and electricity will only apply for 160 days of the year .

After i signed up , i discovered this was untrue and the standing charge applies every day of the year , making the Shell tariff more expensive (even with the Amazon vouchers). I called Shell energy customer services and the chap i spoke to didn’t seem to have a clue what the ‘standing charge’ was.
anyway i cancelled .

A lot of people are struggling financially during the covid pandemic . SHAME ON YOU SHELL for trying to rip us off.

I’m sure there are some vulnerable people out there who do not fully understand the charges and could be misold tariffs with the offer of free vouchers !
This behaviour is unacceptable for such a well known company

Very poor provider

I was switched over from another energy provider when they merged together and customer service is really poor. I never received a bill from them but topped up my account weekly so it would come off my final bill I never knew if I was paying the right people and because they never billed me I switched supplier again for piece of mind I will never recommend switching to Shell energy their prices are rediculous and I don’t trust them

Broadband customer experience.

Broadband customer experience.

I have sent emails and I keep getting told my complaint is now closed when questions have remained unanswered.

I am forced to cancel my direct debit when it appears as the quote price is not the price being asked for.

I am deeply unimpressed at how this has been handled, I regret choosing this service, and I won’t be recommending shell to anyone for home fuel or broadband

Lies for sales

I was happy with my supplier Robin hood but shell knocked the door and reeled off how robin hood are going into administration… LIES just for sales is absolutely disgusting! Call me naive for not investigating further before agreeing to change over but I didn’t expect lying to

Unable to get me a paper bill in in 8 weeks…..

I was a greenstar energy customer who was migrated over to being a shell energy customer, although i recieved paper billing with greenstar i was automatically enrolled onto e billing with shell without being informed. On recieving by first e bill i contacted shell to request a paperbill, Iwas told it would take 5 working days. after 2 weeks & having not yet recieved my paper bill I contacted them again to be told that the previous customer services advisor had not completed the paperwork correctly & that i had been missinformed as it would take 5 weeks. They explained they would place a block on my account for 8 weeks to allow for a paperbill to be generated. However i have continued to get demands for payments, I have sent a direct email to shell europe, I have spent 3 hours on one day speaking to 5 different customer advisors attempting to resolve this matter & get my paper bill but to no avail. At one point i requested the phone number for the complaints department for shell energy, I was given a number which when contacted actually took me through to ‘greenstar energy’ my original provider who said they could not take a complaint as I was no longer a customer….! I have now handed this matter over to my MP to resolve this matter on my behalf, he has assured me that if neccessary he will support me in taking this issue to the ombudsman service……..a truly appauling customer service experience…….

I’ve waited for a call back numerous…

I’ve waited for a call back numerous times.
Also been waiting for a copy of the complaints procedure for weeks.

How hard is it to call a customer back?

More harrassment from Shell!

Just on the off-chance that anybody is interested . . . .
Shell are still bombarding me with emails, asking me to pay my bill.
The answer is still the same . . . I sent my cheque to their Coventry address on 28th July.

Today I received their next bill and I have sent off my cheque today. I ALWAYS pay immediately.

So now I am fully up to date. If they think I have not paid, then I suggest they take a good look at their post department and their accounts department.

Please stop harrassing an old, disabled woman!

SHELL enegy have been knocking on doors…

SHELL enegy hsve been knocking on doors in Rickmansworth and surrounding areas amd getting people to switch energy supplier. The team got me to switch from edf and to call up shell oloffice. They told me to say thst they werre not with me else the switch over would not happen. I am now worse off. Cooling period is now past and also liable for leaving edf

Harrassment from automated online payment reminders due to inefficient default account transfer process

I used to be with Greenstar energy and got transferred over to Shell by default. It has got to be the most stressful experience I have ever had.

My account details got transferred over but not the final payment I made. The relevant billing period was for Jan-Mar which I paid to Greenstar before I was notified of the transfer date (April). I was then sent notices for payment almost immediately by Shell and have been bombarded with automated demands for payment since despite contacting them within the first week and numerous occasions since.

I have just raised a dispute with the Ombudsman Services in relation to this as I am getting nowhere with them. I have also emailed Shell that I have done this because an email from a collections company was the last straw. Not only was the collection amount was for the disputed amount, it also included an amount for a recent bill that was issued a few weeks ago!!!

I have never knowingly owed anyone anything EVER!

Since changing tariff Im still being…

Since changing tariff Im still being billied the old amount. Will be calling to enquire when I get time to find out what is going on!?. Broadband service was so bad had to leave.

Didn’t contact me for 8 months after…

Didn’t contact me for 8 months after payment failed so amassed a huge bill and they took no responsibility rubbish customer service just in massive debt and they won’t let me leave id swear now but best not to

Chase for payment yet I can’t pay

Tried paying a final bill over the phone using the automated service, it says the account number isn’t valid? Try paying for it over the phone via the customer service number, I was on hold for half an hour at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, I then got cut off?

Yet shell will send me threatening letters demanding payment, yet it’s impossible to pay. The worst company in the universe DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I cannot reiterate this enough it is impossible to get hold of anyone

highest bills of any utility company i…

highest bills of any utility company i have ever used they put me on a contract without informing me .It cost me £60 to get rid of these scammers.When oil and gas has been at its lowest for years

Smart meter should have been installed…

Smart meter should have been installed on first couple of days of lockdown
No one contacted until 2 days after you should have installed to say you were not installing
Your email advised you would contact to arrange a new installation, no one has been in contact
When trying to book a new date your system crashes and advises unable to update your booking
Your contact via your virtual assistant is useless
Still waiting

Shell does not honour what they…

Shell does not honour what they advertise for and do not provide the discounts they promise and use false advertisements. They did not honour the 3P/L discount on V-Power. They did not honour the 3% discount as Shell Energy Customer. So avoid

I was recommended a better tariff on my…

I was recommended a better tariff on my bill. Took it and was charged £100 for early exit from my existing tariff even though I stayed with them and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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