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Worst company I have ever dealt with!

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 29 July 2020.

Threatening me when I’m not a customer

Moved to a house that was unfortunately running on gas and electric by shell energy. Informed them I was switching to a new company and gave them my meter readings. I am still (despite 4 phone calls) being hassled for money from when I didn’t own the house? How is a company this large so thick? What do you not understand about me not living in the company before my dates given to you. They are useless, communication is none existent, and their customer service team is awful. Will never ever use this company and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Quick to hassle for money but not quick to respond to my requests to stop sending debt collectors to my house?!

I would give them ZERO if I could!!!

Worst company I have ever dealt with!

Since they acquired First Utility it has been downhill.

Called to explain my circumstances- guy I spoke to literally spoke to me like I’m a moron and I was an inconvenience to him.

I have emailed several times and still have no response but you keep sending me threatening emails?!

Your staff need training on soft skills, dealing with vulnerable customers and how to even do the basics (never mind going above and beyond!)

Curious if you deem it acceptable to treat customers this way because they’re tied into your product?

Poor customer service

I am coustomer shall engery bradband
When ever i call them they said to me they wil fix my wifi but they dint its been 4 month i been waiting for them also they told me i need to pay one hundred pound i said thats fine take from my account but fix my account but they dint in my life i never see that kind of company if they dont sort this out as soon as possible i will close my account

Poor customer service – avoid

I thought I would give Shell a go but I regret it. It was very difficult to access my online account. The steps to resolve this don’t work and the customer contact centre just put me through several times to different people who made me give all my information only to put me through again to repeat this. The line quality was poor and the representatives were hard to understand. I finally got through to one helpful lady only for the issue to repeat itself again a couple of weeks later and again none of the resolutions would work. They then refused to chat to me when my partner contacted them (having to wait in a queue for ages) even when I offered to go through security and kept calling me my partners name. Really stupid and difficult to deal with. I thought Eon was bad but Shell is worse. 18 days is the shortest time I’ve ever been with an energy supplier!

A Shell Energy Broadband customer…

A Shell Energy Broadband customer service agent disconnected my broadband a day before my bill was due and left me with a £390 bill (for two weeks usage) and no internet over the entire lockdown. They refuse to remove the bill calling it an Early Termination Fee for an account they closed on me, again the day before my bill was due to be paid

Just a Shell company

This company claims it is providing a broadband service which I can confirm that it definitely is not in our neck of the woods.

Can you believe it we are talking about that once great Anglo Dutch company Shell?

We switched over from what was a very slow ordinary provider, boy did we have problems with their router for the past year, to Shell.

So far Shell has only provided on average 1 – 2 megabit service so almost no good for mobile phone wyfi. I had to switch mine off and it makes coming on here to write a review the equivalent of painting and watching it dry. You know the expression “I was clean shaven when I started this but now I’ve got a beard”

They had many weeks to get this organised and still Shell took its eye off the ball, which in this case is Open Reach total failure to take us off the crap line that the old provider (not even wroth mentioning that name) had us on and over to Shell

Oh and we all now how useless Open Reach is. Any operator, apart from BT, is ham strung by Open Reach.

What is really, really sad is the proper UK accents you hear clearly at call centres and the last one as it to admit total failure sent this one:

“We can confirm that your complaint is closed

Reference ID: 6333291”

See below after receiving off pat dreadful response like the above aimed at everybody from Granny Grimbo to Chav weekly and my reply:

I have cancelled the direct debit as your company is not providing, remotely, what it should be.

The system here is exactly the same as it was with Vodafone.

We were getting speeds of 5 to 11 meggs at the TV
and a lot better at my PC.

We left them because we had awful experiences with the way their router worked.

I think Vodafone put us on a “holding line” when we left them and you picked that crappy service up and passed it on to me. Open Reach were not involved whatsoever.

I have never in my life had a worse change over. Just confirmed cancellation after a few hideous days of mind boggling slow broadband

AVOID Shell Energy broadband

AVOID! Shell energy broadband failed to transfer my landline number (which I have had for 18 years) and then tell me it is ‘lost’ and cannot ever be recovered. Terrible communication and really long periods on hold to customer service. AVOID.
Update – the request to transfer my number was made at the very outset, before the contract start date – at no point (until after it was too late) did Shell indicate that there was any possibility that it might not be possible to transfer my landline number. My experience suggests that this is a very poorly run company. [complaint raised and compensation sought – to be escalated via Ofcom if required]

Poor customer service

Had cause to contact Shell Energy earlier in in July, by telephone (they do not like answering the phone) & finally after waiting over 10 minutes for out through to the pop-up section where I had not opted for! He then said he would put me through to someone who could help…9 minutes later someone “intercepted my call to help with their on line site” which again was not what I wanted. Tried 4 more calls with no joy, just folk from what sounded like offshore call centres intercepting to offer on-line account help after ages waiting, which again was not what I opted for on the telephone menu! Useless. I am now changing supplier.

I need to send Shell a cheque.

I need to send Shell a cheque. I have asked them THREE times where I should send the cheque but all I get back is a rambling message telling me everything EXCEPT what I need to know.
Does anybody out there know where I need to send a cheque in payment?
That’s all I need. Just an address.

Two hours after posting this, I received an email from Shell with the information I needed. Wonderful. Now I can pay my bill. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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