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Shell Energy are soulless bullies

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 25 July 2020.

AVOID Shell Energy broadband

AVOID! Shell energy broadband failed to transfer my landline number (which I have had for 18 years) and then tell me it is ‘lost’ and cannot ever be recovered. Terrible communication and really long periods on hold to customer service. AVOID

Shell Energy are soulless bullies.

Shell Energy have recently taken over supply of my property and seemingly created a £2k+ bill that my previous supplier didn’t seem to feel the need to try and charge me, in the 5 years I was living at the property.
They instructed debt collectors, despite me actually paying them not only my monthly amount but more on top. I am having to escalate my grievance with them to the highest level before “the computer stopped saying No” – Although it is still trying to.

Be prepared for a fight with this company – they brainlessly attempt to dumb down your argument before rejecting it altogether.

They are bullies

I am absolutely disgusted at this…

I am absolutely disgusted at this company who i have now only just switched from. I really dont know what has happened to this company!!! I have been with (first utility for 5 years) then the switch happened to shell energy who quite frankly are a joke!! From going from paying £58 a month for 5 years with no hassle at all to them now putting me in £640 debt with them and will not retract any of this debt as there fault. Changing me to the highest tariff as i didn’t select one well was there maybe not a reason i didn’t receive any emails regarding this – oh and of course you didn’t send a letter to my home address. The complaints team are a joke and not helpful whatsoever. Given the hard times at the moment with COVID you would think they would help a little bit more and take some ownership considering i did not receive any letters to my HOUSE and also kept taking only £58 even though this wasn’t covering it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Shell Energy fails to look after me as a customer

I have given meter readings in May (twice) and June and July, yet am still having estimated readings . Due to Covid 19, I have not been at home but have received a bill for £154.00 for last month. I have not been at home to use any energy and I am at a loss as to what notification you need to use my meter readings when I have sent 4?

Also I have had a debt collect letter very close to bill date as I was not at home, this was paid in full but then I received the following month’s bill almost immediately followed by a debt collector’s letter BEFORE the due date. This is nothing short of harassment and I would strongly argue with anyone I know who uses Shell Energy to not and to not have your services. I have phoned and spoke to a very helpful man at customer services but was extremely disappointed that the answer to my issues would be to have a direct debit. This feels very much like bullying to me and I feel that I have been exploited and again would NEVER recommend a company with such poor ethics. It also makes me wonder how your company treat your staff if you allow them to speak to customers who feel threatened, confused and anxious, giving barely any options. This is a disgrace. I am now exploring other companies as I am so disappointed and refuse to be treated in this way.

Do not go to shell broadband customer…

Do not go to shell broadband customer service so in competent supposed to have broadband fitted 15th never happened so I rang customer service they assured me it was going ahead on the following day but nothing then after another phone call it was going to be 3rd august so cancelled order and went to different supplier they still left order active so another supplier couldn’t take over line they are useless

I joined Shell Energy after being…

I joined Shell Energy after being accosted in Scarborough town centre and offered a three -year deal for combined gas and electricity, at a price which seemed reasonable. I’d had this kind of deal before and was sceptical but the salesman assured me the price would be constant and would not increase. Within six months the direct debit was increased by £50 monthly. When I called they reduced the increase to £20. Last month, it was increased summarily to £198 a month. I tried to contact the firm by phone but waited ten, twenty minutes without answer. I decided to move elsewhere and the final bill, for gas at least, was £42.03. Why was the direct debit increased by £48 a month when, after nearly two years, I was only £42.03 in debit? Why did they want to increase the DD by £50 a month over a year ago?
Good questions. Try and contact these people for an answer. I’m now being bombarded with emails threatening legal action. I’ll settle with them but would not advise anyone to get into their clutches. Their initial price is just to get you to sign on. After that it keeps going up and you can’t get them to answer the phone. All I will say to their credit is that lamentably they are not alone in having hardly anyone manning their telephone lines. It’s widespread

I admit I am in debt to this bunch

I admit I am in debt to this bunch, but I live on benefits, and have disability I have been trying to pay £100per month which is around £50 per month more than my average bill, esp during summer, I live in a very small flat 1 bed, living and kitchen are combined.Email from Shakespeare Martineau after explaining my income issues, they reply was “our client will require a token payment” and I sent income and expenditure form, heard nothing back! Last month when I really didn’t have the money I couldnt pay, not long till I got letter from their debt collection say I had not kept up with my agreed payments, I never agreed to £100 per month paying that left me with nothing! And then they hit you with “respond within 7 days to avoid further proceedings which will incur further fees and costs” Yeah and how am I gonna pay them! So am I going to get cut off and freeze and starve as I cant heat and cook! Shocking company, wish I could clear my arrears and dump them! Avoid!!!!

Low-quality internet, awful customer service.

Low-quality internet, almost never running at advertised bandwidth. Really disappointing customer service. Takes a long time to get through when there are problems. There is a cancellation fee, meaning you are charged extra whenever you choose to leave. Tried to change supplier, but shell cancelled this request behind my back, then denied and gave a talk about how they had no incentive to do this, and questioned the integrity of my new provider. Really sinister and nasty company practices going on here. I know they are cheap, and that’s what attracted me, but honestly it’s not worth it

Easily the worst company and customer…

Easily the worst company and customer service I have ever encountered. 5 years on from having a very brief account when moving house with First Utility who they took over, I am receiving brand new debt collection letters for an account that was closed many years ago, new debts created, no history of whats going on from them, no contact from them before to ask me about this, just continued debt collection letters. Wasted numerous hours on hold to explain what has happened just to be passed to someone else without warning to have to explain it again. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no which i couldnt believe. I strongly urge anyone to avoid this firm, their service and systems are a complete mess

False offers

I have been sent an email confirmong my tariff options, which claims thay I jave until the end of July to choose the cheapest available offer otherwise I will be switched to a tariff on my behalf, which is a standard procedure when your contract comes to an end. I cjecled my options and picked up a tariff, which I wanted tl discuss with my partner and when I logged on a week later to sign up for it, which was middle of the month, I was told the tariff is not available anymore??? I guess these don’t run out of stock, do they? Misleading offers sent to customers with false deadlines…

Had shell energy for 4 years.

Had shell energy for 4 years.
They started taking £99 a month out of my account but this soon increased and after 4 years they were taking £652 a month. This is for a 3 bedroom mid terrace house. At no time did they they contact me they just kept taking the money out of my account. This is a disgraceful way for any company to operate and has caused me great stress. I will never use Shell energy again!!!

Inherited shell as an ongoing provider…

Inherited shell as an ongoing provider in a new house.

First bill -> no way to create an account or register a direct debit -> finally pay over the phone.

Second bill -> still no way to create an account etc, appears the only way of paying is rolling monthly phone calls -> within *a week* of the first bill arriving a threatening follow up from a debt collecting company arrives.

Really, flat out appalling. Creates a problem with their billing that can’t be solved through any online means (or any means described on their bills), then follows up with an extraordinarily punitive take on payments.

Switched asap. Good riddance


Terrible, unable to contact for months. Emailed, called. When things go wrong their customer service staff are so badly trained they don’t know what to do. One guy couldn’t do basic maths. Do not use. Gone down hill since the Shell acquisition


Horrendous. After money which I have already paid. Said I’d had a refund but it was a mistake. WHO MADE THE MISTAKE. Certainly not me. I have paid. Any refund I received I thought was due to an overpayment. Left the company 16 months ago. Computer mistake. NO. The computer is only as good as the person who inputs the information. has that person been reprimanded? This is causing me a lot of stress which I can do without. It is bad enough having patients I have been caring for dying from Covid most weeks without this insensitive company causing me more stress. Is it worth go on with all the stress being caused to me? Now going to the energy ombudsman to sort out and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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