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Shell Energy Shambolic Customer Service

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 19 July 2020.


Terrible, unable to contact for months. Emailed, called. When things go wrong their customer service staff are so badly trained they don’t know what to do. One guy couldn’t do basic maths. Do not use. Gone down hill since the Shell acquisition.


Horrendous. After money which I have already paid. Said I’d had a refund but it was a mistake. WHO MADE THE MISTAKE. Certainly not me. I have paid. Any refund I received I thought was due to an overpayment. Left the company 16 months ago. Computer mistake. NO. The computer is only as good as the person who inputs the information. has that person been reprimanded? This is causing me a lot of stress which I can do without. It is bad enough having patients I have been caring for dying from Covid most weeks without this insensitive company causing me more stress. Is it worth go on with all the stress being caused to me? Now going to the energy ombudsman to sort out

Shambolic customer service

Due to Covid-19 my girlfriend lost her job and I went on furlough so on the 27th of March I contacted Shell’s customer services enquiring what sort of help was available. I was informed that among other things there was a 90 day payment holiday available which I requested and got it granted. This was later confirmed by email. That’s where it all starts to go wrong! In that email on the 8th of April I am told I have a 90 day payment holiday and my next payment will be on the 28th April?!?!
I replied to that email asking clarification. Got emailed back that it had been a mistake and yes I have a payment holiday, next payment would be July.
Beginning of May new email this time saying payment is overdue and requesting payment of £140. Another email from myself requesting clarification another appology from Shell and yes confirmation that I have a Payment holiday, next payment will be July!
It’s then June and I start being contacted by a debt colection agency on behalf of Shell requesting the previous two months payments when I am still on my payment holiday and this without Shell contacting me requesting any more payments!
End of June contacted customer services via their chat regarding all this, the assistant tells me she’s not trained to deal with this! I then phoned customer services and got told someone from the payments department would phone me back, it’s now been two weeks and I’m still waiting!!!
Yes, it’s now July and payment holiday is finished and one should expect to be contacted in order to set up new direct debit instructions and get back into monthly payments, however this has never happened and instead they just sent my details to a debt collection agency while I was still inside my 90 day payment holiday without contacting me or warning me! And this is what I am really angry with and find unacceptable!

Solicitors letters demanding money which was not owned

Been with this company since they took over First Utility (which was in the house when we moved in 2018). I thought things would improve, well I was WRONG. Those who I dealt with were inarticulate, rude, sending unsigned letters and could not find their way to any brewery. The final straw was sending out pre-printed letters from non-existent solicitors demanding money which was not owed.

Complaint regard getting bonus plus amazon voucher when joining shell

Joined shell months ago and have spent several weeks trying to get bonus and amazon voucher for joining through MSE, See below my seventh and final email to shell broadband.

Further to my recent complaint. Covering several weeks now.

I have finally now received confirmation in my account for  the £50.00 bonus for signing up through mse. That is after several emails and chats to shell.

However no one,  after a three further emails nas got back to me with regard to the £25 amazon voucher..

I have received just one email Stating it was sent to my email. And to Check my span.

This was sent after three chat sessions and four emails trying to get it sorted out.

I will repeat that I have not received the voucher through spam or my main email account.

Shell stated in the one email  that the voucher was not opened so not cashed in.

I’m at a loss as to why you can not deal with this in a more efficient, professional and customer friendly manner.  I check all  my emails and also spam/ junk I have not seen it or opened it. Please for goodness  put an end to the misery of trying to get what is owed to  me. As a matter of principal I will continue to peruse this until I am given what I am owed. Ie. A  £ 25.00 amazon voucher.. not a massive sum but enough along with the 50.00 bonus to convince me to join shell. It was certainly not because of past dealings with first utility/shell. And even with the bonuses I am fast regretting joining.

I repeat I have had several chat sessions. Several emails and I am still chasing this up. There seems to  a pattern  emerging when dealing with start up offers where once you sign the contract companies seem to alienate  new customers when  trying to get what is due. Seems a pointless exercise especially when I would have thought that companies want to keep you as a customer at the end of the contract. WHAT ARE CHANCES!!

Steve Dale

A copy of this letter as been copied to trust pilot. Perhaps that will focus the mind and this gets sorted sooner rather than later. Just wished I’d used trust pilot from the start of this saga.

Happy to take your money, but don’t want to talk to you…

My wife and I tried to call Shell to discuss an issue with a meter reading. A person answered and told us She could not see any client records we should just use the App. My wife said she needed to speak to someone who could look at the file. She was put through to customer services, they told her as an intermediary liaison they could not answer any questions and someone would need to call us back? My wife then got an email to say they had tried her, they had not she has two lines on her mobile and despite taking calls in the interim she had not missed one. She started the process again, she has just had another email to say they tried to call?

Shell energy.

Very expensive,admin worse than useless,sad that I joined them.They’re so bad it was worth the £100s exit fees!

Terrible help line ponderous waiting…

Terrible help line ponderous waiting time is dreadfull Chat line is hopeless

avoid shall energy

Hi all please if you see this
Avoid shall energy , is very poor , customer services,Very poor services.
on money market will show as cheapest don’t believe that you will end up paying them more than the others suppliers.

Moved home in April

Moved home in April. Despite advising Shell in March details of move, received 4 phone calls in less than an hour on day of move, seeking information already supplied! Huge difficulties thereafter trying to setup direct debit- how difficult is that? Every phone call takes minimum 30 minutes to answer, just unbelievable. Customer satisfaction ratings via Which suggest Shell rated 29/35, so no surprises there. Enough is enough, First Utility was excellent by comparison, but since takeover, service has fallen away dramatically. Will now change!

What an absolute nightmare of a…

What an absolute nightmare of a company, they overcharged me by 200 percent and when I closed the services they quoted that the initial estimate was done by the previous supplier (first utility) and that I had no choice but to pay them, I then went to the Ombudsman Services who totally disregarded the facts.
in my opinion the Ombudsman Services must have links to shell energy as I was treated with the same disregard. this is my opinion and truthfully. anyone with any common sense would stay well clear of these companies. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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