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Shell Energy, ‘What an absolute nightmare of a company’

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 13 July 2020.

What an absolute nightmare of a…

What an absolute nightmare of a company, they overcharged me by 200 percent and when I closed the services they quoted that the initial estimate was done by the previous supplier (first utility) and that I had no choice but to pay them, I then went to the Ombudsman Services who totally disregarded the facts.
in my opinion the Ombudsman Services must have links to shell energy as I was treated with the same disregard. this is my opinion and truthfully. anyone with any common sense would stay well clear of these companies

Complete rip-off DO NOT USE

Complete rip-off DO NOT USE. We switched from British Gas on the promise of a fixed monthly amount for dual fuel, which is important as disabled and need to keep costs low. After six months they doubled monthly bill to £200pm impossible for elderly mother to pay and we emailed to say we did not accept new terms, yet they kept billing for this amount. Three complaints ignored now referring to Ofgem. They have lied and put my elderly mother in serious debt situation, she has had immaculate credit record for over 50 years. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS

Awful sales tactics

I do not and based on todays experience will not use this company. We are experiencing a pandemic, we have a prominent notice issued by the local council saying no doorstep sellers and as vulnerable people we are self isolating. Despite this we had a doorstep sales visit from a Shell Energy Rep. Cold calling in the presence of the notice is actually a criminal offence. Doing this during a pandemic is inexcusable. Reported to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Bureau


VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTUALLY NON EXISITENT they only replied when I said I would make a formal complaint and go to the ombudsman I was with First Utility had no problems but Shell bought them out

Joined shell energy 2019

Joined shell energy 2019, done one of the compare sites. Everything seemed okay, and then two months after joining, they wanted to increase my payments. From £60.00 to £104.00. Could have stayed with my previous supplier for that price. Eventually got through and informed them, that i will not be agreeing to their new price. And after the lady checked our account, we were still in credit. Winter was arriving and we had heaters on in the conservatory. Electricity bill was going through the roof. After checking one of our bills, i noticed that the day rate and the night rate, were the same. And when i quiried this i was told that is what i signed up for. So a year is nearly up, and i looked on the comparison site again. Looked at shell energy, good prices and switched to a new tariff. Got an email to say that my switch was going to be done. Received confirmation of prices. And again when i looked at the rates for day and night. Have a guess what. Correct both the same again. So take it from me, the comparison site is okay, but when you do decide to go ahead with it. Please check that they have put you on what you requested. I have tried four times to phone them, but always get transferred to a sorry your in a queue. I have now tried the chat line and the reply is there are exit fees, one it’s not what i applied for, two is the 14 day cooling off period. I have emailed them and asked them to cancel my new contract with them. Wait and see. But please check your tariff and don’t trust them.
I got caught out last year and if i hadn’t checked, i would have been caught out again

Fraudsters must find this company a real asset.

I am not a customer of Shell Energy, and on recent performance I doubt I ever shall be.

I was however, about 4 years ago, a customer of First Utility which was apparently taken over by Shell Energy, although until today I was unaware of this fact.

So this week I received the sum of £2.65 paid into my bank account by Shell Energy. Knowing I have never had a relationship with Shell Energy, my first thought was it was some kind of scam, a possibility my bank also thought credible when I questioned the payment.

Today I got a letter from Shell telling me that they regretted my leaving their company and after reviewing my account they decided that I had been overcharged by £2.65. At least this letter contained some contact information.

After calling their help line, which is apparently answered in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and being passed from person to person who all told me they could not access any information, I finally managed to get hold of the customer services email address.

So I emailed them asking them to explain this situation. After 4 hours of no response except the auto-reply I started doing some digging of my own on the internet.

It transpires that First Utility were ordered by the regulator to pay back monies they had overcharged customers and I, apparently, am one of those.

So in your letter Shell, why not explain that?

Why make it sound like I am a Shell customer who has just left when I know full well I have never been a customer of yours?

On the letter you quoted an account number. Did you seriously expect me to have remembered the account number of an energy supplier I was using several years ago?

It is this kind of complacent managerial attitude that allows fraudsters the room to do their work.

So thanks for wasting so much of my time today.

Her’s a tip: you seriously need to improve your communication skills

It has been one year since I have…

It has been one year since I have joined the Shell energy scheme after my father suggested the company to me. He told me I would be receiving £50 and he would also be receiving £50 as this is a refer a friend scheme. It has been over one year since we have joined and neither of us have received our reward, though we have consistently used shell throughout the year. They have also increased my direct debit without any notice. I have since contacted Shell by both both phone and e-mail and they have been completely useless in helping us solve this matter. Shell are nothing but thieves who rob you off your money and do not honour any deal they make with you. If you want peace of mind do not join such a reckless pathetic company

You didn’t make your new tariffs very…

You didn’t make your new tariffs very clear.It wasn’t made clear to me that you were taking me off my fixed direct debit of £93 monthly to a variable direct debit and it would jump up to £98 and may be over that a month when it seemed to me that I’d signed for £91 fixed D/D a month.Nothing has changed in my energy needs. I’ve always sent my meter readings on time each month.
I will seriously be considering to change energy provider at the end of my contract in August 2021

FIRST UTILITY. Read their reviews

Company formally known as FIRST UTILITY. Read their reviews. Sold the slowest broadband to my Mum. When her partner died and she was forced to move, they REFUSED to move her broadband to her new address unless she renewed for ANOTHER 18 months! She had 8 months remaining on her contract. She didn’t know if she could afford another 18 months. But they were insistent, telling she would have to cancel instead (paying a £62 fee). So they would rather lose £100 than just carry her contract on? Bizzare and awful customer service. People are going through tough times, and this company doesn’t care. FYI no other broadband company I’ve been with has this “clause”. Choose someone else

Dreadful experience with Shell Energy

Dreadful experience with Shell Energy. We had energy supplied by Green Start. Shell Energy bought Green Start and did not send us any information regarding the change. So we didn’t know who was supplying us. It turns out that the email address they had for us was wrong so we couldn’t contact Shell Energy because we couldn’t pass security due to giving the correct email address instead of the wrong email address Shell Energy had for us. It was very difficult to resolve. We never got a final bill from Green Start and we never got a first bill from Shell Energy. Really we should get some compensation for all the trouble they caused! If a customer has their supplier change without knowing the new company should offer them the lowest tariff and not just put them on variable standard to make profits without the customer knowing. We are so glad to finally be able to leave Green Start and Shell Energy and choose a good company with lower Unit Rates and 100% renewable energy. We chose Together Energy for that, who have been very helpful

Energy Bill but I don’t have an account!!

I have a debt agency continually writing to me and threatening to take me to court over a “debt” of £117.03 “owed” to Shell Energy.
I have asked them to supply details, they won’t because they can’t as obviously there is no details.
How on earth can a company chase a debt that doesn’t exist.
What this debt agency and Shell Energy don’t realise is that for the past few years, due to a bad divorce, I have lived in a caravan so unless Shell Energy now put electric supplies and meters in caravans…..
I’ve had a scout around online and seems there are quite a few people who don’t have an account but are being billed

Terrible service from 0330 094 5800 – please help

I’ve tried to contact Shell on 0330 094 5800 twice. Yesterday, it was a terrible line with a long pause each time I spoke, then myself and the customer service assistant would both speak together. This went on for 15 minutes then the line went dead. Issue obviously not resolved.

I decided to try again today. This time I spoke to a customer service assistant who put me on hold for 23 minutes without getting back to me, then the line went dead again.

The issue is still not resolved. PLEASE can someone at Shell help? and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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