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Stay away from Shell Energy

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 27 June 2020.

Shell broadband ignore any calls or…

Shell broadband ignore any calls or emails. Our broadband is not working properly, waste of money.

The worst company I have come across

The worst company I have come across, the biggest mistake moving to Shell from EE broadband and phone. They are money grabbing, selfish company the worst nightmare is moving to them.

Stay away



Awful customer service and excessive…

Awful customer service and excessive pricing plans. Will leave as soon as I am able too

When joining Shell Energy I was given a…

When joining Shell Energy I was given a load of crap on what I needed to pay for energy that was used. Within 8 months of joining I had a dept of £425 if that was not bad enough it took the 8 months 8 months to inform me that I owed that much money. Although the guy at the complaints dept who sorted it all out for me was good. I WOULD NEVER recommend Shell Energy

rip off prices

Avoid, awful company.

Awful company would advise people to avoid. We have been charged exit fees for switching tariffs despite the website stating that exit fees won’t be charged, if you choose a tariff longer than the one you have which we did. It also states that if exit charges will apply a pop up will warn you of this before you make the change, which didn’t happen. I raised a complaint and was informed I would receive a call within 48 hours, that was 4 days ago no call received.

Kept receiving offers for new tariffs…

Kept receiving offers for new tariffs months before my current one was up. When it was closer to the time to make that decision, the offer had gone up in price. I then phoned and spoke to someone who just repeatedly told me I must have used more energy in those two months to which I disagreed as there had been no increase of use than normal. A price was agreed and I was told that the new tariff would start the month after my next payment yet the next payment taken was the new tariff cost. So fed up with Shell I couldn’t be bothered to call again and go through the same old rigmarole.

Rip Off merchants be aware

Please be aware this organisation is very cunning and deceiving. Pure rip off merchant, for years I have been paying average payments for my gas and electric with major providers SP, BG, EDF and etc move to this cowboy energy supplier and my bill went through the roof and I mean it went through the roof. I quiered this to no avail apparently I used the correct amount. I just couldn’t work out how they managed to work this out as my property size hasn’t changed the number of people decreased over the years yet Shell charge me more than triple my monthly pay than what I have been paying for years. Anyway bottom line is stay providing Oil to the drivers, I’m assuming you’re running out of oil so you’ve decided to try other energy source and have decided to rip people off. Be aware people their standing charge and usage charge are also over priced. Bottom line is stay with the renowned providers and you won’t get ripped off. Also call centre people wore useless and not helpful at all.

40% increase

Just signed up again for 2 years then they increase my bill by 40% within the first month. Nobody said a thing when i resigned

i strongly suspect most of the…

i strongly suspect most of the complaints with Shell relate to the former company GREEN STAR whom they recently bought over .GREEN STAR was an absolute nightmare which also refused my online readings as below estimates and i had to contact the Energy Ombudsman to deal with them. this will now be Shell’s problem. i sincerely hope they have ditched ALL of GREEN STAR’S employees who seemed to be totally useless and suffering from Dyslexia. i haven’t been billed properly yet with details of my usage and didn’t provide me with an account number either. looks like i’m in for more problems with Shell so i have only given them ONE star so far. i really hope they get a firm grip and behave like a proper honest power company.

Mr Crooks, you need to pull your socks up!

This has been a protracted painful experience from my request for a smart meter to serious over billing. The installation was a fiasco. The escalation procedure was clumsy and not at all customer-friendly. I can only that Colin Crooks is aware of the issues associated with the energy product that he promotes.
The only saving grace was the intervention of Emma, Customer Relations professional who did a sterling job in resolving a very messy set of problems. Well done , Emma.

Mystery bill £1900 added to my account

Shell last month added a mystery £1,900 to my gas bill !!!.. Everything in my house runs on electricity except the boiler which is a brand new efficient one fitted just last year. Originally I signed up for a fixed £134/ month bills but they raised it to £210 to pay back for the debt. I contacted them over 4 weeks ago and they apologised and said they will fix the bill within a couple of weeks and remove the debt, but they still haven’t. I spoke to the previous person that was living here and he said they did the same thing to him, after his meter was changed, few months later they added £1500 to his bill and he was paying it monthly without realising until he complained many times.
Outrageous !

Shell Energy do not care about their customers

My switch from Shell Energy is complete according to their email, so will only take a final payment when they have produced my final bill. They will not take the monthly direct debit!!

But today they took my monthly direct debit payment The one they were not going to take 2 days after my switch was complete.

This has put me in my overdraft as I have also paid my new company.
I’m currently on the phone to Shell Energy it’s been an hour already.

I have spoken to 4 different people each one told me I was being transferred to the finance department to sort it out but no such luck.

The last girl I spoke to admitted I had just been passed from 1 customer service agent to another!!!

Thank god I have transferred to another company. Each time I have called Shell Energy the customer service has been abysmal. All the do is read from a script!

They do not deserve even 1 star!!!

I have read your reply as you did not read my review. I received an email from you stating my switch was complete, you had set my Direct Debit to variable as the next payment you would take would be for my final bill not a monthly payment

My switch was complete as you said on the 20th June my new supplier started supplying me energy on the 21st yet you still took a monthly payment on the 22nd!!

Not only that your Customer Services agent promised me yesterday that payment would be paid back into my account today. Another lie to get me off the phone as it has not appeared yet!

You have left me overdrawn with my bank but that doesn’t matter too Shell Energy as long as you’ve got my money in your bank.
You had no right to take that payment.

Impossible to get effective customer…

Impossible to get effective customer service
Useless customer services that is impossible to contact. I ended up paying a presumed incorrect bill with them because they ignored my phone calls and emails with the correct meter readings. I sold a property that I was renting out and the tenants left having opened but not closed a shell energy account . The property was left empty for two months and shell sent a bill. I phoned them (left on hold twice for over an hour and then cut off) and emailed them asking for information and they wouldn’t talk to me as the account was not in my name even though I was responsible for the bill. I emailed them saying I was the owner of the property for the relevant period and I gave them my postal address asking for all correspondence to be sent there. As I was juggling three small babies my partner emailed them the meter readings. They went quiet for a year and then starting sending my partner repeated emails asking him for payment. He has never lived or owned the property or signed any agreement with them. I emailed them to explain the situation (I do not have an hour plus to waste on the phone to them).they replied saying they couldn’t talk to me as I was not the account holder. I replied explaining my situation and giving my phone number and saying I did not know who the account holder was according to them. They did not reply or call me. In the end it was easier to pay what I assume to be an incorrect bill and move on rather than try and get an intelligent response from them. A huge and frustrating waste of time. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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