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Shell Energy Totally Incompetent Company AVOID

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 22 June 2020.

Today we changed over to shell broard…

Today we changed over to shell broard band , still does not work dozens of emails from them , but no humans available ,on line only. Went through system got to number 1 in Q then cut off! Second attempt also failed, third attempt got a online chat, latest email ready to go !
O no! wrong password ! A disaster very very disappointed.

Shell are a firm with a long history of…

Shell are a firm with a long history of greed, corruption and exploitation. Part of the Deep State.

Terrible people who drop you in a right…

Terrible people who drop you in a right mess because of faulty metres a poor professionalism

Shocking customer service they actually…

Shocking customer service they actually hung the phone up on me doubling my monthly direct debit to an outrageous amount which I cannot afford

Unable to log in to account

I have not been able to log into my account. Spoke to a customer service rep afternoon after waiting for 15 minutes on the phone, and he was not able to send me emails as their system does not apparently recognise my email address. He said that someone would phone me to discuss but no contact so far.

Be Warned!

I can only advise you not to use this company. Customer Service is terrible and it takes a long time to get through on the phone, on average 30 minutes. Can’t count the number of times I have been cut off or had my call intercepted by someone who is unable to deal with my query. I have now switched to a new supplier and get an instant answer on the phone when I call, and the prices are cheaper so I am saving money. Couldn’t be happier to have left Shell Energy. Blessed relief. You have been warned.

Totally incompetent company AVOID

Despite several emails and phone calls Shell were adamant I pay a widely inflated estimated bill for my 94 year old mum who is in a care home with dementia (she went in 3 days after I paid the last bill) They just could not or would not understand that due to COVID I was unable to get meter readings as her retirement flat had a restriction on visitors. I had 2 emails and verbal confirmation that they would put an 8 week hold on chasing correspondence to enable me to sort it out then was HARASSED DAILY with emails and texts for what they said was an overdue account. Threatening a 94 year old with debt collectors?? You should hang your heads in shame still awaiting somebody to contact me re the 2 formal complaints I have made!!

Shell Energy worst energy company…

Shell Energy worst energy company around!
I have an on going dispute & they never get back to me nor have they tried to help resolve my query.

I lived in a 2 bed property. the bills would range from £37-£297. My account was set up on Direct Debit.

In October 2018 I received a backdated invoice for £3,776.94. I have disputed this extortionate amount numerous times!

I was rarely at home, so I cannot understand why my bill would escalate to that? Its Impossible!!

I have spoken to Ofgem and they inform me that all Energy firms are banned from back billing customers beyond 12 months.

I need to understand the reason for the huge invoice? as yet no one has got back to me to explain exactly what it is for?

from looking at my account on line I paid approx. £4,500 to Shell Energy over the period Aug 16-Aug19 so that’s approx. £1,500 per year. Which is extortionate in itself so How on earth can I owe another £2,880? I lived alone in a 2 bed house!

I am so frustrated with this whole situation, it has affected my credit rating and now I can’t even get a mortgage. I also have balifs knocking at my door.
This is causing a huge stress for me, in what is an already very unsettling time during COVID 19.

Absolutely Appalled by this company!! No attempt to resolve my Query & serious lack of customer service!

As soon as courts reopen I will be taking them to court!

Worst utility company I’ve ever dealt with

Start to finish it’s been a nightmare with this company! When I signed up I wasn’t advised of the date my direct debit would be due until they sent my first bill after I’d switched, the debit date was 5 days from the date I received the email, which was 5 days before I would be paid! I contacted them straight away to amend the date to one when I would have something in my account, the advisor told me they didn’t know if a payment had been requested or not and to cancel the instruction with my bank to make sure it wasn’t taken, then to set the instruction back up via my online account (but the page was broken so went to webchat), the individual I spoke to at this point failed to input the new direct debit which I didn’t know until the payment wasn’t taken.
I signed up in May, seven months and two complaints later, my first direct debit payment was taken in November!! I then received an email saying my direct debit was increasing, and found that they hadn’t been sending me bills for what reason I don’t know – they wouldn’t tell me, it was quickly resolved when I logged a further complaint.
I’ve now switched companies, I received my final bill quickly (a pleasant surprise) which confirmed the amount to be paid and the date the specified amount would be taken, fast forward a couple of weeks, they took the full direct debit amount instead of what was billed! So I spent all morning sorting that out!

Sheer incompetence!!!!

It was terrible bad news for consumers…

It was terrible bad news for consumers when Shell Energy took over First Utility. It’s now become a nightmare trying to login. With First Utility it was a simple matter to login scroll the options and find the information one was looking for.

Now with Shell Energy it’s “ Oops something went wrong try again later”. Or the word error constantly cropping up. Should you be lucky enough to assess this website finding the information you require is virtually impossible. As for emails forget it , these are never replied to.

We have all heard the expression if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There was never a truer example than this. Shell Energy is truly run on incompetence.

The shell energy app does not work

The shell energy app does not work, first utility was fine, customer services are very unhelpful. problem not resolved i will change suppliers.

Rip off company they selling cheaper…

Rip off company they selling cheaper tarif on uswitch and for existing customers thay charge double not using them again

Poor service avoid !,

Short but sweet…been a customer for a few years current CREDIT balance on account £277!,,
They don’t seem to review there accounts and hence we are using way less electricity than what we are being charged for!
Very very disappointing and I think the money in your account isn’t correct, I requested a refund..still waiting
Seems the change people hard for not paying but ignore the good payers…what a joke !!

I would avoid this energy company at…

I would avoid this energy company at all cost. They are by far the worst customer service ever. No one seems to have the basic capability of doing their job correctly. I have been trying for 6 months to get them to correct my estimated bill to actual. I have given them a photograph of the meter readings but still they can’t do the basic thing. Speaking to their customer agents is like speaking to brick wall. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Smart meter is still dumb

I had smart meters fitted almost a year ago, and they have never worked properly. I still have to submit meter readings manually. The fitting engineer said they would have to come back and complete the installation, and although someone did eventually come, they couldn’t fix it (due to distance between meters) and said I might need a booster). Since then, nothing – I feel like Shell Energy have claimed a tick in the box for having fitted a smart meter (as per government initiative requirements) but are not interested in it actually working.

Not impressed with Shell Energy

Not impressed with Shell Energy I’m afraid.
Have always managed to read our meters , & submit readings.
Got a smart meter installed, it doesn’t appear to be working.
Awaiting engineer to check.
Got my mother introduced to Shellenergy. Now cannot access her account
So zero points to them out of 10.
We will be cancelling her account. We won’t be far behind her .
We now looking for a new provider.

Shell energy put us into £450.00 in debt

Shell energy put us into £450.00 in debt they reduced are direct debit and caused this to happen when they know what is being used do not trust this company we are not the only ones to have this issue with them stay away from them if u don’t want to go into debt

Was charged £60 fees to upgrade a…

Was charged £60 fees to upgrade a tarrif. I have never been charged to do this with utility, this has only happened since shell took over. The small print says you will be charged an exit fee which i took as being if i switched supplier, not to upgrade to a new tarrif. Really disappointed to be charged this as have been with this supplier for nearly 6 years. Will be moving to a new supplier when my tariff ends

Awful automated service.

Awful automated service.
Had my account switched from Greenstar to Shell energy to be sent a generic email and clicking on the contact page you get an awful automated service that is neither use or ornament. Will be taking my business elsewhere in future. Suggest everyone else gives these a wide berth also

I advise you to read the small print in…

I advise you to read the small print in detail when signing up to a fixed tariff

I have been trying to log into my account

I have been trying to log into my account since they changed the way you log in its impossible to log in now changed the password still cant get in’ they tell you of the new way to get into your account first you have to log in haaa pulling my hair out.See reply below one day later from the reply they still have not connacted me
So I have changed my supplier
And I did reply to the email below with my details and guess what I had an email from Shell saying the best way to contact them was to log on to my account. SPIFFIN,

After 18 months with shell I signed up…

After 18 months with shell I signed up recently for another term. The tariff I was quoted was £88 per month. However the 1st and 2nd payments taken were £108. When I try to contact shell about this , all I get is a virtual chat with a computer and when I ask why I am paying £ 20 over the quoted tariff the answer I get is ” sorry I have not yet been trained to answer this question” . I am very dissatisfied with shell and when the contract is up I will be looking elsewhere.

Increased my Bill 3 Times in Six Months

Just informed me that they will be increasing my dual fuel bill. For the *third time* this year. In summer. While I’m furloughed.Obviously I’ll be switching. But this is disgraceful.

shell energy not worth one star.

monday morning 15-6 20, i rang this company at 09-30 am to pay my gas bill which arrived friday 12-6-20. it was the worst experience of my life, the hardest bill i have ever had to pay, past from one department to another in total five departments.the last one was a woman, got no phone manners at all, she was about to transfer me again,at this stage I was getting annoyed,the reply from her I will take your payment, give all bank details, told your payment has gone through £280-69p, then I asked when is my contract up, the reply I CANNOT tell you that because you have not give me your phone number, just payed them £280-69 & she cannot tell me when my contract is up,it tuck one hour & twenty minutes to pay my bill, garbage, anyone thinking of moving to this company keep well away. Richard CairnsI have been trying to make contact…

I have been trying to make contact through your message service in order to reduce my payments. Its been impossible to complete the action. Your communication is rubbish.

Too expensive and they don’t know what they doing

I’m not happy with your service I’m not happy how you calculate the bill every month. I end up every three months with £400 bill so something is not right of it, when I spoke to the customer service no one knows what’s going on and I’ve been receiving three different bills every few days just wasting time wasting money no chance

I used uswitch to change from edf to…

I used uswitch to change from edf to shell energy, it was the biggest mistake ever, even though I gave actual readings they still charged me huge amounts based on estimates! Instead of saving money, they cost me £600 more for the year. Almost £2000 for the year!!! The amounts taken ranged from £73 to £308 from one month to another. Outrageous. I don’t have huge amounts in my account and I budget for all my bills but shell energy is the worst energy company I have had the displeasure of joining with. Don’t switch to Shell Energy is my advice and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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