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Trustpilot review of Shell Energy Customer Service: OMG SOOOO RUDE!!!

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 15 June 2020.

Absolutely shocking

Absolutely shocking, speed is less than 1 Mbps and can’t get any TV streaming. I went for Matin Lewis offer of £50 off 12 months contract and didn’t even get that!

Awful service

Awful service , had no contract with but still charged for switching supplier, they overcharged , when asked for the final bill, they passed my account to debt collectors ,paid off my bill but still no refund for the over charged amount.

Shell energy bad service staff has no…

Shell energy bad service staff has no idea what they’re talking about half of the time they also put my Direct Debit up without even Consulting me me so irst thing in the morning I will be leaving instantly.

Appalling, appalling, appalling

Appalling, appalling, appalling sums this company up. Customer support is arrogant and appalling. How are they in business ? Stay away, I am now stuck with them. Arghhhh how did this happen.

I HAVE replied to their response below, they are NOT replying to me, this is clearly their attempt at PR just for TrustPilot. Shell should really look very close at their ‘customer’ service.

I have requested cancellation of services within 14 days, they are OBVIOUSLY ignoring me until that period is breached.

I stand by my title, they are appalling.

Proof I HAVE e-mailed them and received a receipt confirmation. They are clearly not happy with my complaint. I have never experienced such a level of poor service before, I have seen bad service, this is genuinely on another level.

Update 15/06/2020

This is the ONLY place I receive a response from them, it’s CRAZY.

I wish I could insert the screenshot of their receipt confirmation e-mail dated 13th June 2020 10:36 into this review as ultimate proof. They will continue to respond here in a scripted way to save face.

I have had NO correspondence from them whatsoever, even after contacting trustpilot at customer services AND complaints at Shell Energy.

It has now gone over my ‘cooling off’ period, which is obviously what they were aiming for, so I HAVE lost, they have won. The Giants have their way, big enough to step on me.

Stay away from this unscrupulous company. I wouldn’t even drive into their petrol stations after this experience in defiance of their treatment of me and undoubtedly others.

Absolutely the worst provider I have…

Absolutely the worst provider I have ever had the misfortune to use. No internet from day 1, service kept dropping and as a key worker working from home with vulnerable person in the household this meant I had to travel to the office to continue working, not ideal. So stressful it was untrue. Coped for 5 days before returning to old provider with no issue at all and not been slapped with early termination fee of £200! Rang and they will not budge, just continuous repeat of the contract terms!!! Lodging complaint with Shell and the Ombudsman. Tried to tell me there was a fault on the line after I have completed all the necessary checks.. well you know what? There is no fault , my internet has worked perfectly since day 1 with Plusnet. go there if you want good service and top notch customer service. Avoid Shell at all costs if you want to retain your sanity!!

Feel like I have been mugged

Feel like I have been mugged, and I mean violently, signed up for shell broadband as i am a key worker and my wife needs to work from home, so i thought all sounds good.
Offer was £18 pm plus £4 pm evening and weekends.

Got a bill today 10 days after it going live for £30.08, bill says £22 plus £5 odd vat plus £3. Call charges.

Phoned them and asked what time call charges are and lady said after 7pm which i have never heard of, she couldn’t answer why vat was added on at the end and not included in the offer price, lady said it’s all explained online.

Bottom line after all this (btw trying to get hold of them for a lifetime as their promise of a call back kept hanging up on me) asked lady if they would waive call charges and she said no, I said I was leaving after 10 days and she said it will cost me £180, i mentioned 14 day cooling off period and she very quickly said that’s before going live. Unless somebody reaches out I will not be using any shell products.

Unbelievable invisible mugging.

Stay well clear of shell energy

Poor complaints handling procedures. So we joined shell approximately 18 months ago on a 2 year fixed tariff. The tariff was promoted with a free nest thermostat. We didnt receive that and then was blamed for missing the promotion, this was after initially contacting them and were advised that they were out of stock and a note will be placed on system. Was also promised a smart meter which was fitted in February 2020 some 10 months after joining. This has never worked and contacted shell x amount of times to resolve the issue. The list of excuses from this company are endless and even raising a complaint a month ago to only ring back and say that we have not contacted you because we cant provide you an update. I would recommend staying well clear of Shell Energy

Extremely Disappointed

I opted for shell energy as my supplier to receive a smart meter and get a £20 cash back for my account. The service I have received has been nothing short of appalling. The smart meter took weeks if not months to connect to shell and work properly, it now does not work at all and I have been asked to submit readings each month, something I wanted to avoid as with a bad back bending down to see the readings is extremely difficult for me. I have never received the £20 credit to account either – rather fraudulent claims to get you sign up I feel. If I try and contact shell energy all I get is a terrible ‘chat message’ service which takes hours if the connection even remains, often it just doesn’t reply. I would not in any circumstances recommend shell to anyone and will be looking to move suppliers as soon as I can. Shocking communications, shocking service in my experience.

I was thinking of joining and as I have…

I was thinking of joining and as I have already had a smart metre installed by SSE, I wanted to clarify if I need any other smarty pants installed. The phone call was pure grief. So many selection, options, choices, if, then.. I wanted to scream. In between, I was being charged with listening to you flogging your insurance, new boiler. You treat your customers with sheer contempt.

I’ve tried to contact shell energy

I’ve tried to contact shell energy, even sent an email concerning my account. No reply. Wish to speak person to person no emails and not to cost me fortune. Preferably free phone. Feel let down.

I changed my contract from 31st May2020…

I changed my contract from 31st May 2020 to 31st may 2021, it is not changed and I have not got any notification so far that your new contract is till 31may 2021. My direct debit is changed from 28th May 2020 and it should be done from 28th June2020,because the old contract was still in place till 31st May2020.I was told you don’t send letters but than you could send the email.I should get the official notification about the contract change. Although i got through the phone to change the contract but job is not done satisfactorily in my view. I expect a better service from a Global energy supplier.

Tried recently to get my mothers…

Tried recently to get my mothers account back into her sole control.Sent requested council tax bill.Complained about the service,Plenty of apologies
but no action taken to resolve situation.Poorly trained staff who constantly talk over you.2 X emails from Shell promising call back,one on 9th June did not happen another verbal promise again not fulfilled.Customer service is not complicated if you commit to doing something for a customer why don’t you do it?
Angus Grieve

I am dissapointed with communication…

I am dissapointed with communication from you , also the lady rep.I just spoke too was very abbruupt and had no patience, the wrong kind of person for the job

Customer service Zero stars

Customer service Zero stars – Prashant 5 stars!

My experience of trying to obtain a refund on my deceased sister’s account was dreadful, despite going through the dedicated bereavement team. I made the initial request in mid February and complied with everything I was asked to do. Each person I dealt with was polite and pleasant but the system meant I was made to wait and wait, almost a month each time for three, repeat three, attempts to send a cheque to me. None of them arrived. I had to contact Shell repeatedly but despite kind words I appeared to be caught in a loop that never resulted in the only thing I wanted, namely the refund!
On 19th May, after I had sent a direct email to the CEO Mr Kamm, I was contacted by Prashant, within an hour and that made all the difference. Prashant was polite and most importantly effective. He was able to obtain the refund for me on 27th May, by BACS transfer, a full three months after I had been told the first cheque was on it’s way.
Not everyone will be able to have the level of customer service that Prashant provided for me but if the system worked well they wouldn’t need it.
There are definitely parts of Shell’s customer service system that need urgent review. the bereavement team need to be effective as well as sympathetic. I was lucky to have support at such a difficult time, I didn’t need consoling although the various staff were kind (and clearly well trained) but I did need the refund and that’s what repeatedly failed to happen.
Having suffered a bereavement, it was distressing and time consuming to try and battle my way through a system that clearly does not work properly. Do something about it!

Terrible Customer Service

I was never with Shell and they kept sending me bills , however when I eventually spoke with them they informed me that they had bought over First Utility hence the £28 outstanding.
I started at 8am trying to pay them and after numerous attempts and lines being hung up and wrong number been given I tried to use their live chat , its now 9.21am and I still have not paid them, it is apparently speaking with people is something they can do….terrible service glad I am not with these muppets

Agreed to move energy to them a few…

Agreed to move energy to them a few months back then the pandemic hit so can’t ask for a smart meter. I can’t do readings of the meters myself, live alone and legally right now can’t ask anyone in to read the meters for me. Shell have over estimated original usage which was 7 pound a month More than I was paying and now their system wants to increase it to another 15. 83 a month. So saving me money supposedly is almost doubling my old suppliers bills??? Oh but when we reassess in 3-12 months if you are in credit we will reduce your direct debit then says the advisor. Fat lot of good that is unless they are going to pay me interest for being in credit. Avoid them. If I can get out of this contract and go back to Bulb I will.

If you are thinking of switching too plzzz DONT!!

If you are thinking of switching to Shell broadband my recommendation would be DON’T DO IT.
The advertised speed is only achievable when ALL wifi devices are turned off and you are connected by ethernet.
The router its self is very poor quality and I cannot get a signal in areas of my house that I could prior to switching to Shell.
Customer services are quick to respond via Facebook but not email. They had me jumping through hoops when I complained about the speed. First I had to wait 14 days. Then I had to ensure my router was in the optimum position. It was then a hard factory reset followed by the submission of 3 official speed tests which showed a significant loss on the advertised speed. After all this Shell told me I was indeed receiving the correct speed and told me to perform a speed test via ethernet with all wifi devices turned off. This did return pretty much the correct speed but is totally useless for modern day living.
I will be leaving at the end of my 12 contract. In the meantime I have to have 2 wifi extenders in my small 3 bed house


AWFUL!!!! Miss sold on the promise of the first 3 months being free…. to then receive bills ??? Called up OMG SOOOO RUDE!!! Like I’m a criminal!!!! Asked them to check there call recordings to prove how they’ve lied to which I’m told….. will give you £10 credit to drop the case???? AWFUL. Have reported and left!!!! First month in and this bad!!!! AWFUL AVOID AVOID AVOOD and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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