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Shell Energy Appalling

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 09 June 2020.


In my experience quite the worst supplier I have ever dealt with. Eight days since I disputed their requirement to lift my bills, unnecessarily, by 25% and still nothing but an automated acknowledgement. Except one other to say that they have made it a ‘complaint’, which I know, again from past experience, means that my email has now gone to the back of another queue. Emailed the MD/CEO (whatever he calls himself) but that’s been ignored too.
I’m leaving and I suggest other do too before they have a bitter experience.
If you’re not a customer, don’t become one.
There are good reasons it has the low rankings it does.
Shell Energy’s reply (below) is, of course, in the usual corporate defensive mode. Just like the treatment I’ve had from Vodafone in the recent past, Becca says “I hope I can provide some assistance” and then provides none! What she does is seek to justify the company’s procedures. They don’t need explaining to me; I’m only too well aware of the procedures!
What I want, and what I suspect most other CUSTOMERS want, is for Shell to employ sufficient numbers so that I can get some human intervention in a timely fashion. Not be directed to their web site. There is not an app or a program designed that can answer all the questions a customer might have. For me, timely means next day at worst – not two weeks if you’re lucky. What kind of service is that?


AWFUL!!!! Miss sold on the promise of the first 3 months being free…. to then receive bills ??? Called up OMG SOOOO RUDE!!! Like I’m a criminal!!!! Asked them to check there call recordings to prove how they’ve lied to which I’m told….. will give you £10 credit to drop the case???? AWFUL. Have reported and left!!!! First month in and this bad!!!! AWFUL AVOID AVOID AVOOD

Just the worst

Disgusting service run by immoral conmen. Lied to my ill, elderly father that they would save him money. Said they were cheaper (lie), said they’d put in a smart meter to get accurate readings (lie, sorry they did fit a meter but afterwards said THEY CANNOT READ SMART METERS!). A month later my dad dies, leaving his widow with now higher bills. Don’t even bother complaining, it took them 2 months to acknowledge ours and they couldn’t care less. No complaint rights sent, gave a £75 ‘goodwill gesture’ towards the £400 debt THAT SHOULDN’T BE THERE! They need looking into. Save yourself a lot of grief and GO ELSEWHERE!!

If you are thinking of switching too plzzz DONT!!

If you are thinking of switching to Shell broadband my recommendation would be DON’T DO IT.
The advertised speed is only achievable when ALL wifi devices are turned off and you are connected by ethernet.
The router its self is very poor quality and I cannot get a signal in areas of my house that I could prior to switching to Shell.
Customer services are quick to respond via Facebook but not email. They had me jumping through hoops when I complained about the speed. First I had to wait 14 days. Then I had to ensure my router was in the optimum position. It was then a hard factory reset followed by the submission of 3 official speed tests which showed a significant loss on the advertised speed. After all this Shell told me I was indeed receiving the correct speed and told me to perform a speed test via ethernet with all wifi devices turned off. This did return pretty much the correct speed but is totally useless for modern day living.
I will be leaving at the end of my 12 contract. In the meantime I have to have 2 wifi extenders in my small 3 bed house

Agreed to move energy to them a few…

Agreed to move energy to them a few months back then the pandemic hit so can’t ask for a smart meter. I can’t do readings of the meters myself, live alone and legally right now can’t ask anyone in to read the meters for me. Shell have over estimated original usage which was 7 pound a month More than I was paying and now their system wants to increase it to another 15. 83 a month. So saving me money supposedly is almost doubling my old suppliers bills??? Oh but when we reassess in 3-12 months if you are in credit we will reduce your direct debit then says the advisor. Fat lot of good that is unless they are going to pay me interest for being in credit. Avoid them. If I can get out of this contract and go back to Bulb I will.

Poor customer service

Poor customer service. They don’t help you troubleshoot the problem but rather they assume all you need to do is upgrade to a more expensive package.

During my first call the lady put the phone down on me. I was frustrated and I assume she didn’t like my tone; however, I didn’t shout or swear and I was right to be annoyed that she wasn’t listening to me and that she was only interested in telling me about new and exciting packages.

I was also on-hold for 24 minutes during my latest call and whilst I think I’ve convinced them to send an engineer, I expect it will cost me £65 + other fees.

In their defence, I don’t believe the problem is caused by Shell but rather my previous supplier; however, their customer support was poor. They were quick to patronise and assume what the faults were with little to no interest in my thoughts.

A painful and annoying experience and I don’t think it will end here…

I have been with Shell Energy for the…

I have been with Shell Energy for the last 4-5 years. Obviously due to Covid19 things have gotten worse all of us whatever they do in one way or another we all have been affected by it. I made very silly error which i believe was a result of too many hours work, not enough sleep, stress due to work, family and financial worries that i haven’t experienced till now. I overpaid Shell Energy by a lot – more than £3500. Money my family was meant to live on. I contacted the bank Shell everyone immediately to get hold of the money back immediately. It turns out due to the nature of the transfer only Shell could pay me bank. When i requested they refund what wasn’t theirs they threatened me money will be delayed till i give them meter readings. This after i requested smart meter reading since October last year. I explained any delay will put my family of 4 with 2 kids 3 year old ones in a very difficult financial situation. It took me hours waiting on the phone few phone calls and finally after 2 weeks chasing they confirmed they have recieved the money and will issue a refund after it is authorised. Another week and received an email i will be refunded by cheque?! Not original payment method. No cheque received as of yet. Then i need to find a way to get to the bank between 10 and 14.00 and put that through and then in another 5 working days i could possibly get the money.

It isn’t about procedure here. It isn’t about errors. It’s about how much they don’t care about their customers. A company like Shell to do that to a small family with not a care in their mind or of that of its employees and representatives in such times as this is disgraceful

Shame on you Shell Energy!!

There is nothing anyone could say why for 4 weeks i could not get a refund of £3500 when my bill was £90. Threatened, fobbed off not allowed speak to managers, a cheque sent and still not received.

I hope whoever controls that copany reads those reviews and see this. Feel bad for what you have done Shell energy people. Your not caring as long as you can get your money you do not care how rest goes.

Too disappointed customer of nearly 5 years of yours!

i have asked for a refund on my account…

i have asked for a refund on my account as it is running in credit to the tune of over £200.00 which for a pensioner is big money and it could be in my bank a/c not theirs. I have sent email requests and phoned them and provided up to date meter readings when requested, and no response yet so not happy. The online reply wizard seems not to be programmed to understand the word refund and nor do shell. It should be automatic if a credit runs up over time that it gets put right. Other companies do this why dont you Shell? and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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