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71% of Yorkshire people are thinking of buying electric cars

YORKSHIRE and Humberside has reached a tipping point when it comes to electric cars, with the majority of consumers in the region (71%) now ‘considering’ purchasing one for their next vehicle.

The findings from Shell Energy come after the Government announced plans to bring forward the ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles by five years from 2040 to 2035.

Of those surveyed in Yorkshire and Humberside who said they would consider an EV as their next car, 81% stated that a desire to ‘do their bit for the planet’ made an EV more appealing.

Additional reasons identified for considering an electric vehicle are: They are quiet (79%); Cheaper fuel costs (49%); Petrol and diesel will be phased out soon (44%); Sets a good example to children (52%).

The research shows however that the enthusiasm for an EV is tempered by concerns. While vehicle cost (87%) is cited as the main barrier to buying one, the study reveals there are also misconceptions around charging amongst those in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Four in ten (40%) are worried that they don’t know how to charge an electric car; 51% worry that it takes too long to charge; and higher electricity bills are a concern for 71%.

To highlight the level of misconception, 18% of drivers in Yorkshire and Humberside are unsure if EVs run off AA batteries.

In order to help overcome such concerns around charging, Shell Energy has partnered with petrol-head turned EV evangelist Jodie Kidd to help dispel the myths.

Jodie Kidd said: “Electric power is the future for cars. I am already a convert and have already felt the benefit of having an electric vehicle. EV’s are getting cheaper and with special offers like Shell Energy’s 2,000 free miles, they are becoming more accessible and affordable.

“It is marvellous to see that over two thirds of the country are now considering buying electric – but we really need to do more to bust the misconceptions that still linger and put some off.”

Colin Crooks, CEO of Shell Energy, said: “We support the need for the UK to move faster to meet climate targets and our research shows that there is also public support for the earlier ban on traditional car sales.

“It shows a big shift in the level of consideration for an EV as a next car but that there is a lack of understanding, particularly around how they are charged and potential impact on energy bills.

“At Shell we want to help this transition by making it easier for customers to choose an EV, with confidence in their ability to charge both at home and on the go.”

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