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Shell Energy Customer Service described as terrible, awful and abysmal

The featured extracts are from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last day or so on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring theme in negative reviews; the difficulty in communicating with the company. Some typos and punctuation amended for ease of reading. Posted 24 Jan 2020.

been since Wednesday too many broken…

been since Wednesday too many broken promises 30 mins on queue 60th in live chat…

I don’t know how a big company like this can treat their customers with little respect. I would stay clear of them.

minus 10 stars is more like it!!!!

Shell Energy are going to put me in an early grave!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

Never had an issue with First Utility. Changed over to Shell and I have had nothing but billing and usage issues.

Complaint has been open since May 2019 with the resolution team and still ongoing.


One really really really hacked off customer

Taking advantage of vulnerable people

I was stopped in the street by one of there representatives. They asked me if I’d like to join their company… As I have medical equipment in my home my last electric company would not fit me a smart Meter as they didn’t want to switch off any of my medical equipment but shell energy told me this would not be a problem and they would place a smart metre in my home for me. Guess what they can’t do that for me now either something to do with the area I live in. So all I’ve got from this so far is that they’ve lied to change me over when I didn’t want to change over and now I’m trying to hit me with some big estimated bill even though I’ve been with them a few weeks and from the first day finding out I was with them I told them I did not want to join the shell energy company. I told them that again today but now they want an extra £50 of me to leave. I think they’re just here to take advantage of vulnerable people. I’m in such poor health at the minute that I really don’t have time to be fussing over this let alone the fact it’s messing up my mental health.

48 mins on hold…

48 mins on hold… and not even spoken to a person yet. Bit of a joke.

We’re all being ripped off – check your 12 month avg bill.

Awful. Keep increasing monthly DD well above my usage. I forgot to add the constant meter readings and the harassment from the SMS company they use who call, text and even leave voicemail without it ringing. dreadful company, embarrassed to be paying them.

twice given the meter reading still showing estimate bill

this company is a scam and worst than the big six they have bullied me on make a base on that Estimated meter. Explain they have offered no satisfactory explanation… i feel like i have been taken advantage of as a vulnerable senior citizen of the country. Definitely would not recommend them.


This company is built on capitalism, lies and SELFISH people.
They do not care about the elderly, the single parents or any vulnerable customers.
Speaking to them on the phone is a nightmare.
Nothing they say is consistent across the business. It’s actually RIDICULOUS! They work with ACN who lie elderly to joining them in the most EXPENSIVE TARIFF….RIDICULOUSLY HIGH! GREEDY!
Do not trust this company!

Constant billing issues

Constant billing issues… will be leaving as soon as my warm home discount has been paid! I will not be staying no matter what they offer this company is horrendous, its been problems after problems and this is the final straw…

Absolutely abysmal customer services

Absolutely abysmal customer services. Phoned on several occasions to resolve my issue. Passed from pillar to post, promised call backs which never materialised. Spent over 3 hours in total on calls…Terrible customer service, query still not answered

Received an email to inform me that my fixed rate tariff was about to end so tried to contact them to attempt to renew my tariff. Listened carefully to the options on the initial greeting and definitely pressed the right number to go through to an advisor to talk about tariffs but each time they said ‘I will put you through to the tariff department’. I was just put on hold. I’ve tried 4 times now and still haven’t spoken to anyone about renewing my tariff. I then tried going through to the option for those that want to leave. I explained to the person who I spoke to that I have been trying all day to speak to someone about my tariff and she totally ignored me and put me through to the ‘tariff department’ who of course didn’t answer and I was on hold. I now don’t know how to renew my Fixed term tariff!!! So frustrating, they obviously don’t want my custom. They should be helping me rather than me begging them for help!!!! Terrible customer service.

contacted you about 2 weeks ago about a…

contacted you about 2 weeks ago about a faulty monitor. Not receiving info or data. No reply from you. Terrible service. smart meters are supposed to help not hinder.Total incompetent customer support

I received an estimated bill from Shell Energy for both Gas and Electicity. I promptly contacted them to give them the actual readings and requested an amended bill. I was assured this would happen. I then received a letter demanding payment for the estimated bill. No amended bill arrived. I phoned customer services again and again gave the correct readings and to say I was happy to pay a correct, amended bill. I was again assured this would be sent. I was then sent two furthermore threatening letters demanding payment of the estimated bill. I emailed customer services explaining the whole issue and included the correct readings. I only received a standard ‘do not reply’ email response. I have today received a letter from Shell threatening debt collection! I tried calling customer services but frankly gave up after an hour.  Terrible customer support.

Non-existent customer service

I have been overcharged by £20-30 every month because of their ‘estimate’ calculations and now there is no one to speak to about it. Have been placed on hold for ages, still 31 in a queue on live chat. Absolutely awful. If I am not getting my money back I will go further to report this company.

Worst customer service

Worst customer service. Yesterday spent an hour trying to chat with someone on their website. 54 people before me. This morning I’ve been on the phone for 43 min. Still on.

I have been with shell for a year it’s a nightmare

I have been with shell for a year, and it has always been a joke, taking money from my account and saying they didn’t receive it, sending them proof off it and then they charging you fees for late payments as they can’t be bothered to read the emails people have sent!

My Advice is Go elsewhere

They took over one of my supplies from First Utility without my permission and after being dumped started trying to get me to pay a 3 year old disputed account I had with First Utility from another of my properties. In my opinion, the threatening approach they adopt in threatening to ruin my credit score etc. and continued harassing and emailing is not to be tolerated.I am sure you will all be disappointed there that someone has had the audacity to stand up to the harrowing, threatening and bullying which I believe companies like yours employ and would hope you will finally do the right thing and not contact me again and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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