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Published by Industry Global News24: 06 Jan 2020

The Anglo-Dutch company had promised its investors in 2017 that, it will spend $1 bn to $2 bn per year. The fund will be invested in developing a clean energy project till the end of 2020. The company is falling short of the planned $4 billion-$6 billion to be invested between 2016 to end of 2020. This slow progress is likely to raise concerns from environmental groups that oil companies are not contributing to environmental conservation.

Since setting up the “new energies” division, the country has spent approximately $2 billion in setting up a low-carbon energy and electricity production facility. With only a year left to go, the company is far behind the set investment target of $4 bn-$6 bn. read more

The UK Best Home Broadband ISP Options for 2020 by ISPreview

Extracted from: The UK Best Home Broadband ISP Options for 2020 by ISPreview

Monday, January 6th, 2020


Entry-Level Package Examples

Superfast: Average Speed 35Mbps – £29.99 a month (discounts sometimes reduce this to c.£24)

Despite being an energy provider Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) also do a fairly cheap broadband and phone service too, which pledges that it “won’t hike your broadband prices up at the end of your contract” like other ISPs. On top of that they also boast fairly good UK based support, don’t charge any upfront fees and offer petrol discounts (at Shell stations) to their customers. read more

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