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Shell Energy the worst utility company ever?

By John Donovan: 23 Dec 2019

Selection of extracts from pissed off customer reviews about Shell Energy UK posted recently on review sites such as Trustpilot.

(1) Terrible company stay well clear of their broadband

(2) This is the worst utility company ever, do NOT enter into a contract with them.
Their customer service sucks, 4 phone calls that have taken almost 5 hours…

(3) the saga goes on.

Ref my previous review, nothing has changed, more chance of winning the lottery than contacting customer services… read more

‘This f*****g company’ disgruntled customer gripe about Shell Energy


On 23 Dec 2019, at 12:41, wrote:

So I’m paying £190 a month to to this f*****g company x had smart meters fitted x my total bill this month should be about £80-£90 max and they’ve upped my debit balance by £500!!! WTF????!!!!

Liz Brady



Shell Energy Retail Limited, formerly First Utility, is a supplier of gas, electricity and broadband in the United Kingdom. In October 2013 the Coventry-based company was ranked as the seventh-largest supplier in the UK, making it the largest outside the Big Six. Wikipedia

CEOColin Crooks (2018–) HeadquartersCoventry Founded2008 Area servedUnited Kingdom Parent organizationThe Shell Petroleum Company Limited

Shell Energy Contact webpage read more

Energy supplier pays £1.5m after overcharging customers

By August Graham, PA City Reporter: PA Media: UK News: 16 December 2019


Energy supplier pays £1.5m after overcharging customers

It is the second time that a company has had to pay out for breaking the price cap rules. In June, Shell Energy paid £390,000 after it overcharged its customers by £100,737. More than 6,000 customers were affected by the breach, Ofgem said at the time.

Shell Energy Beware

If you have a gripe against Shell Energy and want it published here, please send it by email to Please indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous. Review postings will be intermingled with positive and negative news reports about Shell Energy. Click on the above Shell Energy Beware headline link for more information.

Shell’s difficult relationship with UK wind energy

Shell’s difficult relationship with UK wind energy

When Shell pulled out of London Array offshore wind project in 2008, it probably didn’t realise it would mean more than 10 years in the UK offshore wind wilderness.

But according to accounts at the time, many in the sector felt scorned – some were downright angry.

Shell was eventually bought out of the £2 billion project by Masdar, but a message had filtered through that the company was perhaps no longer looking at offshore wind as viable option.

Danish firm Dong Energy, one of the major partners in the 341-turbine project, is now Orsted – arguably the biggest offshore wind firm in the world. read more

Ofgem minded to allow Shell Energy to claim £354k

By Priyanka Shrestha: Monday 9 December 2019

Ofgem has said it is minded to allow Shell Energy to claim up to £354,147 for costs incurred in acting as a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) to customers of failed supplier Usio Energy.

First Utility, which rebranded as Shell Energy in March this year, was chosen by the regulator to take on Usio Energy’s 7,000 customers following a competitive process.

An SoLR can make a claim for Last Resort Supply Payment (LRSP) from relevant distribution networks if granted consent to the amount claimed. read more

Shell Energy signs solar PPA for energy produced by EDF California project

Shell Energy signs solar PPA for energy produced by EDF California project

Rod Walton:

EDF Renewables North America and Shell Energy North America have signed a 15-year power purchase agreement for 132 MW of solar output in Riverside County, California.

The Maverick 7 project is part of the Palen Solar site to be built on 3,140 acres of federal lands. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management completed the federal permitting process approving the project in October 2018.

The project is expected to be completed and operational by the end of 2021.

“Palen Solar, with a total of 500 MW of solar capacity, demonstrates EDF Renewables’ long-term commitment to solar development in California,” said Dai Owen, vice president of power marketing for EDF Renewables. “The project uniquely positions the company to help load-serving entities meet their long-term carbon goals and obligations under California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by offering smaller tranches at industry-leading prices.” read more

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